The Adventures of Mommy Slenderman and Daddy Herobrine

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This is just a story that my friend and I wrote and it's so bizarre, there is no way I can explain this. All I can say is that it's a combination between my imagination and ExplodingTNT's videos.

Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017



Adventures of Mommy Slenderman and Daddy Herobrine


Once  upon a time, there was a beautiful (NOT!) princess. And her name was Slenderman. She really was quite strange. Instead of a


dress, she wore a tux. There was also a handsome (NOT!) prince. And his name was Herobrine. He was blind and looked a lot like Steve from



One day, Princess Slenderman got kidnapped! By an evil player! The player had 7 of the eight pages to defeat Slenderman! The


player tied up Princess Slenderman and locked her up inside a tower. Prince Herobrine heard her pleas for help.

He ran all the way to the tower and said, “Slenderman, Slenderman! Let down your hair!”

“Oh Prince Herobrine! Please hurry! The player who kidnapped me is going to be here with all eight pages, soon!” Princess Slenderman said


as she let down her hair. Prince Herobrine climbed up to the top of the tower and released Princess Slenderman from her bonds.

“I’ll wait outside the door and I’ll kill your captor when he comes back,” Prince Herobrine said. And Herobrine waited 20 hours.


The captor came and said,”Man that toilet break took so long. My poop took so long to come out.” Then the evil player looked and


saw herobrine and said,”What the? How did you get in here.”


And Herobrine said, “That isn’t what matters right now. The thing that matters is that i am going to execute you for your crimes and


kidnapping the princess.”


The evil player roared in laughter and spoke, “AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhAh


AHAHAHA! And what are you going to do? Are you going to try cut me up with you stupid sword made out of just poop?




Then herobrine chuckled and said,”NO what i am going to do is much much worse than cutting you up.”


The player said, “And what  is that you are going to do the great Xenos.” Then the player laughed.


Prince Herobrine’s body glowed brightly white and herobrine was in a pink bikini and said,”OH YEAH.”


Then the evil player Xenos squealed in fear and said, “OH NO NO NO NO NO NO NO PLEASE I BEG



And Herobrine said, “THIS IS FOR KIDNAPPING THE PRINCESS.” Then Xeno’s eyes burned in pained and screamed in agony,





And the evil player said, “HEROBRINE THIS ISN’T OVER I WILL GET YOU FOR THIS.” And Xenos disintegrated into shafts of light.

And Herobrine said, “Well that is over with. Now I must get with the princess immediately.” But herobrine saw what was left of the


player and saw the eight pages. Herobrine then picked it up and said,”But first I must burn these pages so that there will be no chance to


defeat Princess Slenderman.” So that is what Herobrine did. He went to the lake of lava in the the terrible nether and threw the pages into the


lava and said, “Well that is over with now I must get to the princess.” Herobrine went out of the nether and entered the tower that held


princess slenderman and he went into the cell and opened the door and said, “Princess I executed your captor now you are free now.”


They both went out of the tower and Princess Slenderman said, “Oh my handsome prince I don’t know how to thank you just thank


you so much and why are you in a pink bikini.”


Prince Herobrine said, “It’s a really long story but that doesn’t matter. the thing that matters is that you are safe, princess.” And


Princess Slenderman said,”Oh my handsome prince I am starting to feel something right now.” Herobrine said,”Wait what does that mean


does mean you have to go poop right now.” Princess Slenderman said,”No it means that i love you.” And Herobrine Said,”Does this mean.”


Princess Slenderman said,”Will you marry me.” And Herobrine said,”Yes I will.”


Ten seconds….Prince Herobrine and princess Slenderman in a huge pink wedding. Princess Slenderman was looking quite beautiful


in her tux, as Prince Herobrine was looking strikingly handsome in an enormous pink wedding gown bikini. And the priest was the great god


of toilets Jeb and there were mobs in pink bikinis.

Herobrine’s brubber, Notch, said, “Herobrine, why do you always wear that ugly enormous pink wedding gown bikini?”


Herobrine says, “Kepause pink bikini gowns will accomplish my dreams of becoming a fat truck.” Herobrine thought back to when he was a


kid and Notch, their girlfriends (Which he later killed with his pink bikini power), and he played pretend wedding and he would always wear


an enormous pink wedding gown bikini as the groom and made his girlfriend wear speedos.


In the wedding Herobrine’s mom said, “Oh my son! You have married someone as ugly as you! I am so ashamed.”


Slenderman’s mom said, “Why did I come here without my eight pages so I could not see how ugly my daughter and son-to-be would look


together? Why am I even here?”


Jeb the priesy spoke, “Do you, Herobrine, promise to live a caring and ugly life with slenderman.”


And Herobrine said, “I supercalifragilistic expelioulidociously do.”  


Jeb said, “Slenderman will you promise to live a caring and ugly life with herobrine.”


Slenderman said, “I do.”


Jeb said, “You can kiss each other now.” And they did.

1 second later…

Herobrine was searching franticly for his twelve year old daughter, Katniss, with her boyfriend, Peeta Mellark. Slenderman was


severely wounded and could not help. Katniss’s  captor had sliced both of their legs open and ran away. Just then,  Peeta heard a beautiful


sound. It was Katniss singing. He began to sing, too. And they both sang The Pokémon Go song.


“What do you think you’re doing? This is a serious situation! Why are you singing?!”


Peeta stopped singing and said, “Singing is how we communicate over long distances. It’s also more accurate than Find My


iPhone.” He continued singing and found the tower that she was trapped in.


“I have a feeling that I’ve seen this tower…” Herobrine gasped “Peeta. This is the same tower that my wife was held captive in. That must


mean that the guy that I killed with my amazing pink bikini powers has come back!” Peeta didn’t care. He went in the tower to find Katniss


and Herobrine was frantically telling him, “Don’t go in!” Peeta came into the tower only to find Xeno ready to tie him to Katniss, but he was


too quick and he grabbed Katniss’s bow and her sheath of arrows.


Xeno then took Katniss’s bow and said, “Don’t even try it or it will just bring you more pain.”


“Why do you do this, Xeno? Why? Just explain to me why?” Peeta said as  Xeno tied him and Katniss up. Xeno said,”Because we


have a expirement and you two will be the perfect test subjects for it.” Peeta said,”What expirement.” Xeno said,”You will see very soon.”


Then a wall exploded and Herobrine flew in. Herobrine said,”Xeno how dare you kidnap my daughter.”


Xeno said,”I told it wasn’t over and i would get you.” Herobrine said,”Well you won’t this time.” Herobrine threw a flaming hot dog( With


extra mustard, of course.) at Xeno but he deflected it with his enchanted purple bikini. Herobrine said,“Purple! How dare you insult me with a


bikini this disgusting color! Besides, you don’t even know who I am!”


Xeno said, “ Oh really? Then who are you?”


Herobrine changed into his pink bikini, killed Xeno, and said, “Donald Trump.” Herobrine untyed Peeta and Katniss and said,”Are you two


okay.” And Peeta said,”Yeah but can you please put your normal clothes on it is really disturbing.” Katniss then looked at Xeno’s


remainings and took her bow from it and said,”Dad how did you know this man.” Herobrine said,”It was quite some time ago. before me and


your mother got married,you mother got kidnapped by him and I rescued her and killed Xeno.”


“Wat,” Katniss said.




“It’s coming from our house!” Herobrine said, “It’s Slenderman!!”


They all ran to their house and they saw Slenderman giving birth to the weirdest life form on minecraft earth. She named him Pink Sheep.


Herobrine said, “Slenderman you didn’t tell me you were pregnant.” Slenderman said, “I did tell you 100000000000000000000000000000000000


times.” Herobrine said, “No you didn’t.” Slenderman said, “Oh. Then I’m thinking back to when Katniss was born. How long ago was that?


Like, one hour?”


“Yeah. That was like, so long ago,” Herobrine said. Slender Man said,”Yeah.”


Then  Pink Sheep said, “Can someone give me doritos?” Herobrine said,”WHAT THE HECK IS DORITOS WEIRD PINK BABY.”  Pink sheep


said,”Yo yo yo ugly dad can you give me 12 billion bags of doritos.”




DONALD TRUMP?” Pink sheep said,”Yo yo yo if you won’t give me doritos something very terrible will happen to you.” Herobrine


said,”Oh yeah? What will you do to me that's so horrible?


Then, Hillary Clinton came out of nowhere and said, “I’m a noob.”


“Ahhgggggg! The pain, the pain!” Herobrine screamed.


“Get me Doritos and you will never suffer the consequences of Pink Sheep. And Doritos are a type of chip. Get me 65,000,000 bags of


Doritos. The nacho type,” Pink Sheep said.


“WHAT THE HECK ARE CHIPS?” Herobrine asked.


“Yo yo yo, that's it you will die, Herobrine.”


“NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!” And Herobrine died. The end? Not quite. After Herobrine’s death, Pink Sheep became a prankster


gangster. One day, he was hanging out in a swaggy area, when an egg appeared beneath him.“ Alert! Alert! What is this strange device under me?” Pink Sheep said. He looked again and said, “ Yo yo yo, you ugly egg you are not prankster gangster enough to be my friend.” The egg was sad. He began crying.

“Oh, I’m sorry poor egg. Do you want to come home with me? I will keep you safe and warm. Follow me, egg.” But the egg did not follow at all it just stayed still like a dummy. Pink Sheep said,”Yo yo yo egg why are you not following me.” The egg just stayed still. Then, the egg said, “I can’t move, you dummy.”

“Oh, I am sorry egg, here come in my inventory,” Pink sheep said. At Pink Sheep’s house, Pink sheep put the egg by the fire. “There you go egg. Warm and safe.”

When pink sheep went to go tease a cow, the egg hatched. Pink Sheep came back in the morning and the egg was gone. “Oh No! The egg is gone! I - I just hope - that he’s handsome,” Pink Sheep said. The thing that was in the egg was now walking all around Minecraft in search of Donald Trump’s toaster. ExplodingTNT and a couple of his video actors saw this creature and jumped into the lava. The creature finally found Pink Sheep and said, “Hello, daddy. My name is Purple Shep and I am handsome just like you I have a mustache.” Pink Sheep stared in awe at this creature, and said, “ Yo yo yo, ugly son, something must have happened when that egg spawned under me and you are ugly because of that.” Just then, the Ender dragon appeared and said, “ Where is my egg?”

“Yo yo yo, dragon your egg hatched and became this creature.”


“It is true Mommy I came from your egg please kiss daddy.”

“Nah. I’d rather die.” The Enderdragon died and Purple Shep lived Happily Ever After.

The End. Nah just kidding Purple Shep roamed these lands and when people looked at him they always die. Then the whole minecraft went crazy over the ugly creature and thought of him as the most dangerous threat in the whole wide minecraft universe. In the office of Minecraft everybody was going crazy over Purple Shep all of them screaming. Then Notch came in the door and roared out,”SILENCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Everybody was quiet and Notch said,”Thank you,now I know all of you are feared of this danger but I promise you we will survive this and get out of it together.” Notch then said,”We all will stay strong and will hope for as long as we can last,together we can get through this but this is Minecraft our home and we will not let it perish In front of us no we will strike back all of us Minecraftians and will fight this terror terrorizing our lands,SO TOGETHER WE WILL BE ONE AND WE WILL FIGHT THIS MONSTER AND WILL TAKE BACK OUR LANDS AND GET RID OF THE BEAST AND CAN GO BACK TO OUR TOILETS AND BE IN RULE AGAIN BECAUSE THIS IS MINECRAFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Then Notch heard the most ugliest noise on Minecraft and turned around and saw the great terror that brought the evil in this planet and it spoke,”Hello Uncle bald mouse lady can I borrow your toaster.” Then everyone in the room died and Purple Shep said,”Wait what does that mean.” Then Purple Shep took Notch’s toaster and roamed all these lands and was titled lord of Minecraft.


Purple Shep was walking in a street of Minecraft and every house was pitch black and said,”Wow this is a very cool light show.” He or she or whatever it is walked to the pole and said,”Oh my god it is a glowing churro stick it looks so tasty.” Purple Shep then ate the pole and swallowed it and said,”This is as yummy as chips with peanut butter and jelly.” Purple Shep said,”That churro stick was so good that I need to go to the toilet and let out my butt barf.” So Purple Shep went into some random persons house and said,”Hello can I please use your butt barf holder.” But no one answered in the house and Purple Shep said,”Oh golly what does that mean.” Purple Shep kept on looking for the bathroom but he couldn’t find anything. Purple Shep said,”Oh golly I have been looking everywhere in the whole house for the room to let your butt let out it’s barf but all I could see was this very strange room called bathroom and it is really freaking me out I think this is illuminati confirmed.” Then there was a noise in the room and Purple Shep said,”Oh golly what is that very scary noise it sounds like when Uncle Failboot farting,I really need to let my butt barf right now I can not wait any longer.” Then Purple Shep accidently fell on the door and the whole door shattered into thousands and thousands of pieces. Then Purple Shep saw the thing that was making the noises in the room. The thing making the noises was a player all huddled up in the toilet who was breathing super loud. Then the player screamed out,”PLEASEEEE LORD SHEP DON’T HURT ME I BEG FOR MERCY PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!!” Purple Shep said,”Oh hello man letting out his butt barf in the butt barf holder,can you please let me use the butt barf holder.” The player then said,”I hate my life.” Then he died and Purple Shep said,”Thank you man letting out his butt barf for letting me use the butt barf holder.” Purple Shep came out of the house and said,”I am very hungry now my mouth needs screwdrivers I'm going go to the place where you yell at a man for a thingy that you put in a mouth.”


So that is what Purple Shep did he went to minemart and said,”Oh golly look the grocery looks like rectangle cardboard box thingy.” Then Purple Shep said,”Oh golly the sign says Pineapple under the sea that is illuminati confirmed.” So the messed up purple creature walked into the store and he saw a isle that said cereal section and said,”What is a cereal is it some kind of new toaster oh golly I must see and take this toaster.” So Purple Shep walked along the long isle cereal section and said,”Oh golly where are the new toasters I can’t see any toasters here and all i see are just these rectangle boxes that say cereal what does this mean.” Then FailBoat came down the hall and said,”Oh hi Purple Shep if you are looking for the cereal it is right here.” And he pointed at the boxes that said cereal. Purple Shep said,”Oh ok thank you for telling me where these new toasters are Uncle Failboot.” FailBoat said,”Um Purple Shep these aren't toasters they are food.” Purple Shep said,”But Uncle Failboot these look a ton like toasters.” Uncle Failboot said,”Purple Shep you know what think what you like okay because I AM JUST DONE.” Then Uncle Failboot walked furiously out of the isle. Purple Shep said,”Oh Uncle Failboot is so happy that he went out to go get king sized twixes for me and Uncle Failboot to eat.” So Purple Shep then grabbed every cereal box and went to the prankster gangster isle. There in the prankster gangster isle was Pink Sheep in his mlg sun glasses eating twenty million Doritos.” Purple Shep Said,”Hello Daddy Pink Sheep why are you eating orange triangles in your mouth.” Pink Sheep said,”Go away Purple Shep you ugly creature I am eating Doritos because I am so mlg.” Purple Shep then said,”Ok Daddy Pink Sheep I will go away,” Purple Shep walked sadly away. Purple Shep said,”Oh golly Daddy Pink Sheep doesn’t like me why I thought I was the most handsome Purple Shep in the whole world.” Then Purple Shep walked into the isle that said the weapons section. Purple Shep said,”Oh golly what is a weapon is it some kind of candy that you bang your head on.” So Purple Shep walked into the weapons isle and saw something that said Sniper 5,000 and Purple Shep said,”Oh wow this looks like a toaster with a camera thing.” So he then picked it up and said ,”this is as heavy as a ant.” Then Purple Shep pressed a button on the sniper 5000 that said automatic shooting then the sniper shot out millions of pink kittens in the market. Purple Shep said,”Oh golly what have I done the candy that you bang on the head shot out millions of deathly killer monsters.” Everybody was screaming in terror and Purple Shep said,”Oh golly I must get out of here to escape the great terror that is going to end our world.” Then a hundred pink cats got on a man and the man screamed in pain and the man then turned into a big human looking pink cat and it meowed.” Purple Shep ran to the door in the super market and he got out with a hundred people then the whole Super Market collapsed. Then a beam of bright pink light came out of the collapsed Supermarket and the whole sky turned extremely pink and the sun and moon became the faces of Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton and then millions and millions of pink cats came flying out of  the Supermarket and hundreds and hundreds of pink cat human zombies walked out of the market meowing. Then a huge shadow was seen in the clouds and it dropped slowly and it was a massive towering pink fortress. Then Purple Shep said,”Oh golly what have i done I have caused the end of the world!!!!”

TO BE CONTINUED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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