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Miracles are strange things, you wish for them but know they don't just happen,
but are you disappointed when they don't?
Or did you expect nothing to happen, never having put any faith into your wishes?

Always keep your faith, your hope.
keep it close to your heart.

Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017





Blazing bright and angry are the stars,

those that cause thousands of deaths and wars


Yet your soul is gentle, but still weeping...

listen to my lullaby, it may help you sleeping...


A long lost tale of two friends...

Or so they thought while holding hands


They cared for each other, but love?

They didn't think that way, naive as they were, it was though.


What were they, if not lovers or a pair?

They were best friends that shared memories, happiness and air


Yet one of the two seemed to care more than the other,

the boy shielding the girl from everyone, even her mother.


He did so much for her, because he cared about her,

but she didn't do as much, she cared less and that wasn't very fair


Or that was what others were thinking, yet the girl did so much,

she listened, she smiled, she laughed and such


She did what no one else did,

be there for him and make him feel happy, even when reality hit


but why did they part ways?

Why were they apart these days?


The boy said:

I wasn't a very good friend,

but maybe in the next life I'll be worthy to be there at the end”


The girl? She kept quiet, said as only reason this:

We would be apart anyways”

So that left even the shadow confused these days


While the madness started to talk:

Forget her, yes she was important but you'll find someone else, surely”

the boy responded:

She was my best friend, this is my only chance to make things right, truly”


The boy gave away a part of his emotions

The boy couldn't get her back, but that was unspoken...


He hoped for a miracle

Which was pitiful...


But still sweet, wasn't it?

That you have to admit


It proved how faithful he was

He only needed her, no other cause


He treasured her dearly, so did she

But not every story ends happily, you see?


The boy still weeps at his loss, only grieve being left for him

Hiding in his mind, his thoughts became dim.


But even to this day he holds those memories dear

He remembers his love, and forgets all of his fear.


Even if for just a second, that is all he needs to be brave

He doesn't want her to be alone either, not after all that she gave


So it is told that to this day he searches for her, hoping to find his missing piece

So that he can smile again and she too, so both can be at peace.


© Copyright 2018 Child of Are. All rights reserved.

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