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Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Submitted: April 17, 2017



Why did the doctors fail you?

The boy with a beautiful bright smile and laugh.

No matter how hard you fought, you were still scared.

Scared, just like that time on Halloween when you,

your older brother, Lorenzo, my little sister, Aminah, and I were being chased

by the big scary zombie.


Why did it have to be you that suffered?

Your cells wouldn’t stop copying themselves.

It went out of control.

That smile turned dry and cold.

That laugh sounded weak and sad.

Your energy was slowly leaving your young, 5 year old small body.


Why did God choose to take you away?

We played together.

We laughed together.

We spent holidays together.

And yet you slipped from my hands.


Remember that game we repeatedly played?

We took up the whole house to create our battle field.

You, loading your big yellow nerf gun.

Behind the couch ready to fire.

But that wasn’t the true battle field.


No, your true battle was fighting for your life.

Fighting against the giant army of cells, the enemy, cancer.

No matter how many times you shot at it with tubes and needles,

cancer got up on its’ feet and brought fear in you.

The fear of the grave, death.


Though you knew that you were suffering,

you smiled and tried to keep on smiling.

Knowing your greatest gift:

Having your family by your side and awesome best friends.

You fought.

We fought.

Yet, we lost the battle to cancer.


I know that you are innocent.

I know that you were weak.

I keep thinking, wondering if I am being selfish.

But please answer this question.

This one question that haunts the depths of my mind.


Tony, why did you leave me?


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