He or She

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We've all heard a saying or another relating to putting yourself in someones shoes, but could we actually handle being another soul?

My body evokes textures worthy of afterbirth. My thoughts punish the violent, masculine thoughts of the other half. I often stare inside myself to see if I see a better me. I could never bury another, so I instead bury my emotions, but still weep silently whilst the night cries. Why befriend another when insecurities walk with me more than my own shadow. I adore everything in the reflection of a calm stream, yet I'm repulsed by every gesture that I witness in the mirror. Pain pleases, fear speaks, and tears hurt. Sharing my idol thoughts doesn't interest me, but I could speak endlessly though my knowledge is carnal until my knees hurt. Can hearts get heat stroke, can a mind go numb? I just don't see what they see, I'm still trying to understand what it truly means to be we. No matter how loud I speak you'll never remember me.

Submitted: April 17, 2017

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Tom Allen714

Very Nice...Tom...

Tue, April 18th, 2017 2:53am

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