Victory: Dystopia

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Literary Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Just a short story I wrote, thanks to my friend who edited my stupid grammar mistakes.



Filip Deandre had suffered enough from poverty and constant wars. After all, he was a member of the proud master race of humans, superior than any other people. The Party told him that, along with the rest of the avid worshippers. And he trusted The Party with all his heart. But that did not manner anymore, as today will mark the end of the Dark Age, and a portal to the Great Enlightenment! Where people will be free and safe! The Party promised a great future! People will suffer no more. Everyone will be happy! And they will finally be equal. Every time when Filip think of this uproaring thought, he will be inspired and would often jump up and down. Although Filip’s family are also worshippers of The Party, they did not have the extreme amount of enthusiasm Filip did. But why would Filip care? Filip perceives “The Party's” plan as a reset! Everyone will be doing the same thing, there will be no more competition! “Why no competition?” Filip always asks himself, “Of course it is because of joy! People will get especially sad when they lose a competition, and everyone would be happy! Everyone would be happy! Everyone is Happy…. EVERYONE MUST BE HAPPY.”

Filip screamed, then grabbed a clock only to smash it onto the ground. He was in a state of euphoria. After a few minutes of chaos, he dropped down onto the floor and struggled to breathe. Then, briefly got up, and scrambled out of his window. People were marching unanimously towards the Buckingham Palace. “They were going to seize it and bring justice to all the people!” Filip thought, and soon enthusiasm overtook his body. He, without his shoes,  ran out of the door and joined this mass riot.

The Party was not a new organization, it had its roots planted deep around the world. Great Britain was just its first stop. If anyone took intricate and keen investigations on its influence, you would have found army generals puppets and pawns of The Party. Even the vice prime minister of England was completely controlled by The Party. What is alarming about this is their ability to do it all unnoticed; until today.

Military troops surrounded the palace, and the Prime Minister was exiled. Most of the politicians surrendered. Those who did not were silenced.

Places around the world were taken under complete control. The Party was the overlord.


This day will be a day to remember: as a renewal to mankind.


Darrin Emil woke up in the middle of the night again. He turned around on his bed, and felt a hidden voice recorder in the corner of the bed. At night, these things would have been turned off to save electricity. But who knows if it was periodically turned on to listen to your every action? Now, most people know that Felix Co. watches and monitors their daily activities. Heck, they are even thrilled and willing to be monitored! Darrin got up his bed, and took a bottle from an old wooden shelf. It was labeled: “Felix, Victory Wine”. Technically it was not wine, but a very crudely fermented yeast. Add a little bit of the magical powder, and Victory Wine is the outcome. It was one of the products that focused on enhancing joy. Felix Co. first experimented with the usage of the magical powder with beer, and after that, other consumable products followed, like meat, and vegetables. He knows that he should save the bottle for tomorrow, considering how much work he had to do. “Sleep is important too!” Darrin argued with himself. “When I did not sleep last week, I... I... What even happened last week?!

Darrin took a drink from the bottle, and felt instantly better. Within a bat of an eye, everything looks beautiful and new. A smile went upon his lips. Darrin dropped down onto his bed and slept peacefully.

The hard and sharp sound of the bell broke into Darrin’s sleep and brought him back to consciousness. A speaker was turned on to broadcast the day’s weather and a morning exercise. Darrin got up sleepily, grabbed his half full victory wine then gulped it down. A strange feeling of pleasure went through his body, shaking sense into him. Then Darrin put on a plain, white shirt, and a pair of pants. These were the clothes he wore to work everyday.  Darrin works in the area of knowledge, where he creates pamphlets for all people to read and learn. Darrin finished getting ready for work, and stepped outdoors, where he was inevitably greeted by multiple screens displaying the official logo and slogan of the great Felix Co:”HAPPINESS IS LIFE, LIFE IS HAPPINESS” Below the slogan was a clique of people smiling. Darrin could not help but smile back, then murmured the slogan. Many people walked past these screens, and did the same.

Citizens lived close to their work area, so it was a brief walk. And because of that, the messengers of wealth decided to ban the use of shoes. Citizens were glad that the leaders of wealth banned the use of shoes because of all the bad things the daily pamphlet told them if they wore shoes. The people were glad that Felix Co. saved their life. This is all because of the work of Darrin and about a hundred other people.

This was just a sample of what Darrin had done for his work. Darrin was glad that his work saved so many people. As a result, he tried his best to work even harder.

Darrin soon arrived at his workplace, and a messenger of joy standing in front of the door reached inside a mug bag and handed Darrin a Victory pill. He stuffed it into his mouth and gladly chewed on it. The feeling of joy was so overwhelming. Darrin couldn't imagine living without Victory products. The strange feeling was making Darrin feel like his soul was flying off to heaven. Darrin could not find a better way to describe it then simply amazing. Darrin, with a big smile on his face, walked into his office cheerfully, and started to get to work.

On his desk was paperwork, full with writings of tomorrow's pamphlet. An assistant soon handed him a piece of golden colored paper. It detailed the instructions for tomorrow's pamphlet. It reads: Felix Co. invented plates. 100% people happy. 100% people healthy. These were the instructions from the previous factual editor, who would have been informed by the messengers of knowledge, then started the summary of the pamphlet. After he is done, he would pass it down to the next editor. The messengers of truth told them that it was the fastest technique ever devised by humanity, so Darrin is proud of the fact that they had the latest technology and the other didn’t.

After a few minutes, Darrin finished his draft, and fed himself another victory pill. He then proceeded to happily work in his office to sort paperwork until another order came in or if it was time for the meal.

It was 3 PM, and the bell rang, indicating the meal. There was one meal a day, and it was often served in the big canteen where everyone in the area of knowledge goes to. At the door stop, a messenger of knowledge handed everyone a Victory pill, made sure they eat it, then crossed off their name when they go into the canteen. Darrin soon went in the canteen with a happy smile, alike other people. They were served a piece of hard bread, and a cup of water. Citizens were happy with what they got. The Pamphlet they read told them that ages ago, everyone had to eat once a week, and the food was so bad that many people died. As a result, Citizens perceive Felix Co. as their savior, like god coming down to save them. Darrin grabbed the bread and ate it happily. It tasted delicious. Then he got up to work again. When he walked out of the canteen, the messenger of knowledge made sure that he ate another victory pill, then allowed Darrin to pass.

On his way back to office, Darrin was met by a colleague. The colleague was male, at the age of around 30, and had a muscular outlook. Darrin did not know who the man was, since memory was scarce.

The male colleague looked suspicious. He did not give off the energy and the vibe that was suppose to be given off from normal people. Instead, he was spreading around a gloomy and melancholy atmosphere, making Darrin sad. Ever since the resistance appeared in public, harassing citizens, the messengers of safety had informed Darrin and his colleagues to write a pamphlet about looking out for suspicious citizens.

The details are more or less unimportant. On Darrin’s writing it wrote: “Those suspicious citizens are planning to overthrow Felix Co., and enslaving all the people for the rest of their lives! Although they are soon to be destroyed. You can help out the glorious Felix. Co by telling and informing the messengers of safety if you see anyone acting ‘abnormal’.

The male colleague swiftly and suddenly pulled Darrin off to the side, pinning him to the wall. Darrin wanted to scream, but the male colleague held him against the wall tight. No matter how hard he tried, his throat did not give out a sound. His inner mind told him to hold tight, the messengers of safety will be here! They are our saviors...They are...

Darrin’s vision became fainter and fainter, until he couldn’t see anymore. Darrin jerked around uncontrollably. His eyes started to vaporize into black steam. His mouth choked up green and black toxic liquids. It was oozing with poison. A few seconds later, with a final jerk, Darrin gave out.


The world was in shambles. Storm clouds covered the sun, spreading its nefarious darkness. Leaders of countries were silenced, opposition permanently disappeared.

On the other hand, taken closer inspection, cities were having massive parades. Not riots, but parades to celebrate the freedom of mankind. The freedom from capitalism and communism. They were finally free from the weights of the society. Finally free from the government, and most importantly, finally happy.

Around the world, people danced. Around the world, people celebrated. Around the world, people were crying of joy.

What could possibly go wrong?


Darrin suddenly jolted up from what seemed like a bed. He was awoken by the horrifying visions he saw. His habitual smile was gone, replaced by a look of confusion. His eyes started to get blurry, and then… he cried.

He was loud, but not rowdy. Somehow, his sound of weeping was peaceful, and with delight. Without wiping his tears, he tried to get off the bed, but failed to utilize a single muscle. After a few moments, people came in the room. They were weirdly dressed. They did not wear any shirts or pant., Instead, they wore boots, with torn off jackets, and shorts colored green. Darrin stared at them, and they stared back. They were inspecting him. Their eyes were piercing sharp, and every spot they stared at began to burn with pain. No secrets could hide from them, Darrin thought. Finally, one person spoke.

“We’ve come far to get you, comrade.” A strong person with a unibrow spoke.

Darrin did not answer, he lied on the bed quietly and looked at him.

“You’ve proven worthy to us, as you passed the test.” he said.

He noticed Darrin looking at the door, and said, “Don’t bother trying to escape, they completely erased your records. Your house and work was replaced by another idiot. You are no one.”

Darrin’s eyes widened. The thought of not existing was overwhelming.

Without waiting for Darrin’s complete reaction, A stern looking man said, “We’ve cut your ties with any Victory products. That was for your own good.”

“They were slowly poi….” A person tried to say something, but was stopped.

“We need your help.” a person with glasses quickly asked as he injected a syringe into Darrin’s wrist, “We need one more person for our mission to be complete.”

Darrin tried to resist, but could not move a muscle. Strangely, the syringe had magical powers that allowed him to move again. Darrin tried to sit up, but still failed.

“That syringe will take several hours to take effect, it can be earlier depending on your body, so see you later.”

The men left the room, leaving Darrin to his own privacy. The entire conversation flashed before Darrin’s eye. Darrin suddenly feels tired, he couldn’t think a thing. But it did not stop Darrin from asking questions. “Who are those men? Why am I here?” But those were useless, as his questions were soon swallowed whole by his mind. After a few minutes, the room was back to its peaceful state, with Darrin asleep.


People rarely slept because of their excitement. Before dawn, armed forces claiming to be the guards of all safety marched down streets. Some people welcomed them, and some people tried to resist, but many were still not recovered from the state of euphoria, failing to realize and think anything. Resistance was small and futile. Forces who opposed The Party were destroyed. Small amounts of oppositions hid under the cover of the Earth, like cats in bushes, waiting for the perfect moment to deliver the cunning blow.

Cities were reorganized and rebuilt.

They began passing food that tasted godly. They began building water lines with water as sweet as never before.

The Party renamed themselves as Felix. Co.  As if…

Felix Co.’s leaders soon disappeared. Where to? No one knows. The only thing people know, is that they live in a land, where equality and freedom was the law. Where a benevolent and equal party governs and leads the land. Where they are the luckiest and the most fortunate person in the world.

It was a new world.


Darrin woke up. He lazily opened his eyes and was… shocked. He felt very refreshed and well rested. Darrin started to notice details. Everything around him, was...real. Cracks were on walls like spider webs, holes were dug by starving rats. A foul smell roamed freely around the deteriorating room. Darrin rubbed his eyes. It was not the world he previously lived in.  

A plate of food was resting on a rusty metal table missing a leg. Darrin carefully got off the bed. His muscles felt sore and unused, as he tried to limp towards the food. The door opened. A person from the previous day walked in and sat on a chair and politely waited for Darrin to finish. But Darrin could not help but to see contempt and impatience in his eyes.

2 pieces of bread were waiting for him. But just when he was about to dig into the food. He hesitated. What he thought before was delicious food, was just dark and moldy bread. He felt his appetite quickly diminish.

Suddenly the person sitting on the chair laughed, and spoke, “Isn’t that what you eat every day?”
Darrin simply could not find anything to reply back. He stubbornly stuffed the moldy bread down his throat.

“You are the stubborn one, eh?” he laughed, “I’ve known stubborn ones before, they all eventually died.”

Darrin took another look at him. He was bald, but young. He was muscular, but weak. Pimples dispersed around his face. The guy looked to be unstable and combustible. Darrin stood up after swallowing the last bite, then walked in front of the bald man.

“Where?” Darrin spoke his first ever word in this room.

The bald man also stood up, leveling himself with Darrin, “You have to tell me everything, your office, your work, and your house.”

Darrin did not reply back. He started to ponder. “What work did he do?” He thoughy it might be something about writing words, but just can not completely grasp it. And, where did he work? In the office? What was on his office? Darrin’s previous memory seemed to be completely erased.

Darrin walked towards his bed, and sat down. He grabbed his head. Darrin tried, really tried. But could not remember. Minutes silence gone by.

Soon, the bald man stood up, then walked towards Darrin.

“Think, you can do it. What work did you do? Did you cook food? Or farmed…”

Darrin tried to think, but he just can not do it. He shook his head.

“I am sorry, I just… can’t remember… memories.”

The bald man derisively laughed at himself, then murmured: “What was I thinking, hope? Ridiculous…should have expected this.”

The bald man sighed, then signaled Darrin to follow him.

“Name is Judas, we now are going to see if you fit the requirements.”

They walked through hallways made of rotting wood, there were many closed doors. Just looking at it gives Darrin a chilling feeling. That action caught Judas's eyesight.

“You do not want to be in there.”

Soon they walked into a fairly big room It gave off a bloody smell. Darrin’s eye met with many strangers. Judas started to converse with them. Soon they left leaving a chair and a person tied in it. Judas grabbed a knife from the ground, played with it, then handed Darrin the rusty and worn knife. Darrin gave a confused look to Judas.

“Go on, end his misery.”

Darrin looked at the person tied to the chair. He was crazed to say the least. His eyes were protuberant and reddened. Veins popping out of his neck. He was struggling to live.

“His name was Raphael. He was deprived of victory products for less than a day.” Judas laughed, “He might as well be dead.”

Darrin took one more look at Raphael. He wore a torn white shirt and pants. Darrin’s hand started to shake. Voices in his head started to talk. “Kill… Kill… Kill…” It was like drums beating endlessly in his mind. Darrin felt his heart pounding.

“ Come on, kill him already.” Judas laughed, “I might even kiss ya.”

Pressure, pressure, and pressure.” It was weighing Darrin down. Voices screamed into Darrin’s head, ringings reverberated his head. “Comrade, Comrade, Comrade. Betrayal! Betrayal! Betrayal! Humanity, humanity… humanity.”

 Darrin dropped down to the ground next to the chair. His hands could not grasp the knife anymore.

He murmured: “I am sorry, I can’t do it. I am sorry…..”

Judas left him there, a group of strangers soon came, picked up the knife and moved raphael with the chair tied to him out of the room. Then he heard screams.

Darrin lie there, on the ground. He felt depleted. Depleted of everything.

After a what seemed like hours, Judas came back, his fist raising.

“What, what are you doing?” Darrin wearily asked, moving back with his hands protecting his neck also at the same time stood up.

Judas threw his first punch at Darrin’s stomach. It stung, but did not completely immobilize Darrin. Darrin tried to fight back, but his flabby muscles were no match for his muscular opponent. The second punch hit Darrin squirrely right on his eye. The third hit was a kick to the shin. Darrin dropped down onto the ground, groaning in pain. Judas then hit Darrin with a final jab, which made Darrin pass out.

Darrin got up to what seemed like a confinement cell. He struggled to get up, but was able to find a wall to support himself. Then he started walking towards the entrance, step by step. Each step was painful and overburdened, but Darrin kept going. They just left me here to die? Darrin terrifyingly thought. As he walked out of the door, he came across a hallway. It was basically a tunnel, with water and sewage scattered throughout. It was mostly dark, so he touched the wall for navigation. The tunnels were expansive, like mazes. Many doors and hallways complicated things more. The rooms were dimly lit , some even dark. A sense of insecurity creeped into him. Darrin kept looking back, as if someone was following him. If you peaked into the room, it would give you nightmares for days. Skeletons reflected the lights, making them pure white. A horrid and rotting smell was already fused with the air, and everything in its way. Darrin tried to resist the torment by blocking his nose and mouth with his hands. But the smell would just seemingly seep through Darrin’s hands, grossing him out.

After what seemed like hours of trekking through terror, Darrin found light. He ran to it no matter what the circumstances were. After arriving at the light. Darrin was relieved. A stairwell was leading away from this hellhole. Darrin’s back was soaked with sweat. He felt tired and worn out from his high alert.

Darrin dropped down onto the stairs to rest his body. The stairs were also decrepit, slowly rotting away. But that does not matter now. Looking back at the hallways still gave him the creeps. After a few seconds, Darrin walked up the stairs. At the end was a trap door, closed shut. Darrin pushed away all the cobwebs under the handle and opened the door.

The door gave a creaking sound as Darrin climbed out. He looked around his surroundings. It was what seemed like a bathroom. But it was all in shambles. Darrin walked out of the already collapsing door frame into a small room. Darrin was shocked at the living conditions of the house. There was only a bed and a table, both crudely made out of wood and deteriorating. The walls were cracked, holes for pests, and a smell of human excrement. There was no one there, but a used dirty mug was on a wooden table, indicating recent activities. Darrin took another careful inspection, but surprisingly found no recording devices in the house. Soon Darrin found his way to a intact door. He felt the strong urge in his hands to push the door, but he pulled his hand back. Darrin heard noises outside the house. People were laughing, and singing out loud the slogan.

“Happinessssssssssss… is LIFE!”

There were cracks on the wall, allowing Darrin to peak outside, but Darrin forced himself not to.

Darrin put his hand on his chest, but felt no beating inside. Was there even a heart in him? Was he dead even before coming to life? Was this the world he hoped for? Wanted? Darrin felt around his body. His skeleton stuck to his skin like glue. Darrin felt around his legs, there was nothing really there, other than his tumor and skin covering it.

Pain started to devour his legs, soon moving up to his chest. Darrin was an empty shell, deprived of energy.

That did not matter anymore.

Darrin moved his rough hands around his chest, a weak beat caught his hands. It was there… After all.

Darrin gave a light push to the door, then walked outside.


Submitted: April 17, 2017

© Copyright 2021 legitozone. All rights reserved.

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