We always want to be what someone is, and never get to be ourselves. This poem brings ones !Ind back to the reality of being ones self.

I am me! Two letters put together Forming one syllable, One word, One meaning, The very essence of I is to be me.

You see, Most people strive to be what they are not, and that's the problem Because a copy cat can never be the best copy cat We try to look like ... and not strive to be the you God has made you to be. God never had a conflicting mind before he ticked you Fit, Good, and ready to be commissioned to this world. So, why don't you seek your purpose, and let the ME in you stand out?

ME is Mentally Enlightened, ME is the Main Essence for this time, ME is the Manual needed to Enable (open) every lock, ME is the Meaning you need to get Enlightened ME is ME Because I can only be the best ME, ME can ever be.

Submitted: April 18, 2017

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