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Bashar is letting go his true love to somebody else and this is their last meeting before they part for good, will this be their last meeting?

Submitted: April 18, 2017

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Submitted: April 18, 2017



They finished their shopping and put what they had bought in one bag and rushed to college. They had decided that; this was going to be one last meeting before Pakija’s wedding, their meeting should happen in college only and above all they were starving for that Anda Bhurji of canteen. In that hot Ahmedabad evening they reached college and for a moment got lost in their precious college memories and pointed out at different places in that sprawling EDLC campus and recalled what they used to do in those places back then in college days. They settled in canteen, relaxed and ate their food.

“Bashar, we have moved a lot in life after college but it feels like yesterday.” she said, realizing how four years had passed since college and they both were going to embark on their new avenues; Bashar was going to do masters and she would marry anytime soon.

“We have passed time and been to a lot of places but we have not moved.” Bashar quoted. It was his habit of countering whatever Pakija would say.

“Oh come-on Bashar, in less than a year I will marry someone and move on in life.”

“Do you think marrying makes people move on?” Bashar argued looking straight into her eyes and made Pakija speechless. In her mind she knew Bashar was probably correct. By that time they had finished their food and took off to go home. Pakija was very tired after full day of work and shopping and Bashar insisted to drive the scooter as he knew she would not ask him even if she wanted.

As Bashar started the scooter and Pakija sat on he asked, “Why you did not fall in love with me Pakija, it’s been more than seven years since we are together, we know each other better than anyone and we had our time better than any couple in love could have had?” They had this conversation innumerable time in past and Pakija never wanted him to ask this as it always made her uncomfortable. She knew that she could not go in romantic relationship with Bashar as she was afraid that her family would not accept it and ultimately that will break off and she will lose Bashar.

“Probably I was not allowed to fall in love Bashar.” she answered whatever came in her mind for avoiding his further questions.

“Even a 15 year teenager girl would have given a better answer Paki.” Bashar retorted. “You know all my friends say to not to let you go even if I have to do something out of proportion because they think love for you has enlightened many facets in my life and has made me a better person.” Bashar said, knowing he was in any way not going to do what may disrupt Pakija’s life and probably he was too in love to let it go.

“Bashar, I have told I cannot fall in love with anybody, how many times will I tell you this, probably you don’t want to end our last meeting on a good note.” She rebuked him.

“Can’t fall in love? Then how did you fall for that arranged marriage guy couple of months ago that your family had set up but your marriage could not happen?” Bashar remembered a boy who she had once talked about that she had started having dim feelings for him.

“That’s probably because we talked a lot.”

“Talked a lot! What about the talking that we are doing from last seven years?” Bashar sighed and even on clamorous Ahmedabad scooter ride there was a pin drop silence between them.

“You know you were always in love, you just did not want to realize it, feel it and give it a form. You know that I am the one but you are afraid that, feeling will take you out of your boundaries, enlighten those dark spots in your heart, lead to that perfect happy life; you are afraid that love with actually liberate you.” Bashar said. Pakija knew as always he was spot on and correct and she could sense in his voice that he was in tears and less than five minutes of ride was left.

“I am going to marry soon Bashar to a person my family selects, move on; you are going to start your new life” She said, trying to assuage the moment.

“Marriage does not guarantee love Paki.” he teased her and they cracked up. “I have loved you; I have seen you with my dilated pupils when we were 21. Neither we are going to be 21 again nor am I going to see someone the way I see you. I may find a companion in future but love is not going to be the same.” Bashar said in a hard low tone, they reached their destination and they did not know when they would meet again and probably by then their life would be changed completely. Bashar got up from the scooter and they readied for parting,

“Wish me a good and happy married life Bashar!” Pakija joked and it lighted off the moment a bit “Next time you will see me with my kids and a fat belly and I am sure seeing that will make you move on from me.”  She teased him and asked him to study well in college and find a girl in college. By then Bashar was in tears but he was smiling as well. She held his hands and they hugged and parted knowing probably they are not going to meet again.

Bashar reached home and was showing his shopping to his family and he started laughing by seeing her wallet in that shopping bag.

“Where is your wallet Paki?” Bashar messaged.

“Hahahahahah.” It was all that he received as reply, realizing that they will have to meet again.

“So, our lives are changed??” Bashar quipped.

“Yes Bashar!”

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