The Other Half of Mirror

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"The other half of Mirror"
Story revolves around true meaning of love, I feel people have changed the meaning of love and molded it for their own desires/needs.
I want to highlight the true meaning of the same in order to make people understand that true love in not only in stories, but it exists in real.
The other half of the mirror we are not able to see and understand, I want to through light on that part of the mirror as well.

Submitted: April 18, 2017

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Submitted: April 18, 2017



Present time:

A few days back everything was totally fine, I mean everything!” He was thinking in extreme stress.

“We were happy and it was just…” He wasn’t able to think even.

“How could she just disappear…? How could she…”

“How about chasing her?” He thought. “But, how can I? She is nowhere to be seen these days,” He denied his own decision of chasing her. He was pretty much upset about the current situation and was feeling much tired.

He picked up the receiver and started dialing the same number again; it was ringing but no answer from the other side.

He smashed the receiver as he got angry due to “no answer” from the other side. He sat on the old sofa in the corner of room and lit the cigarette.

He tried dialing the number again! The bell was challenging, demanding, “Receive dammit” he yelled!

He was feeling edgy; his mind was causing him for sedition. He was continuously thinking about the days, he spent with her. She was revolving in his mind and he was pressing his forehead with his thumb, cigarette in his fingers.

She was laughing when he was making her laugh, nothing was wrong that time! Everything was going fine, “Will you take me to Istanbul?” She asked.

“When do you want to go my love?” He smiled slightly.

“Will you propose me there?” She asked again, her eyes shined like a star. She rested her head on his shoulder lovingly.

He saw directly into her eyes and said, “Everything seems changed after marriage Zarish!

“It gets pretty much change!” She completely agreed with him.

“You know what I just don’t want to lose my love for you on any stage of life! Due to any kind of circumstances! You know what I mean love?

People live together but Love! Love is not a feeling between them anymore. I feel so! That is the main motive to live together and it dies! I don’t want it to happen between us. I just can’t express my feelings for you in words, but, it is true that I want to love you forever. I want to love you like I did from day one!

Zarish was listening to, his reason to live, his love, “Saarim” with full attention, with her eyes wide open. She held his arm tightly like she was afraid of something! She was listening to him and she was thinking something while resting her head on his shoulder.

“Means you don’t want to…” She tried to ask and she felt herself in dismay.

“No, my love, I am not denying it, but nor accepting it either! I mean for now I want you to take some time and think on it. Ask yourself! Are you completely ready for it? Do you feel like marrying? Should we be together like this? There are a lot questions that are needed to be answered by you,” He got up and sat in front of her.

“I don’t know, all I know is… I don’t want to lose you at any cost Saarim!” She was trying to hide her tears by looking away.

“You will never ever lose me in any case, I can assure you Zarish! Just take time! Think! This time you asked and I said that you ought to think on it. Next time whenever you are gonna say it, we’ll just get married right away!” he held his face in his hands.

Present Time:

Buzzing of his cell phone compelled him to come back in the present time, from his thoughts!

“Hello!” He answered the call as the buzzing was instant, demanding! His voice was hoarse and his eyes were shut while resting on sofa.

“Hey, but you…?” He sat up and started rubbing his eyes.

“Is everything fine?” He creased his brows in worry.

“Okay, when and where you need to tell me?”

“Okay, Okay fine!” Phone call ended.

But, his head was banging! It was Zarish’s friend on the call and she was asking him to meet her.

“Is Zarish angry with me that I denied? She doesn’t wanna lose him…

Whatever! But where is she?”…

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