Things that Continue on Existing

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Submitted: April 18, 2017

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Submitted: April 18, 2017



The world has been overcome with so many problems, of which humans cannot take it all and solve at once. Racism, discrimination, global warming, war; all of it has consumed us. We think that that is only the order of nature, the way things are supposed to be happening. What we don’t know is that we are the ones that caused all this chaos in the world. We are suffering from what we have done and what we’re always doing. Climate change, for example, has taken a toll on us. It has become a major problem. Thus, we don’t seem to matter because we have not experienced it yet (maybe the next generations may). The warming of the earth, the hole in the ozone layer, the monstrous change in the weather, it is all because of us doing dangerous things to nature.

We are already experiencing the effects of our selfishness. People start to notice it as soon as they feel that a part of their lives is lost or changing. It affects many people indeed, in their jobs and in their daily routine. ‘Something is wrong’ or ‘What is this? It’s so different’ are what some are saying when they have seen the changes that have undergone in the world. They fairly noted the changes in the topography, climate and even the seasons. Farmers worry about draught or very hot days because of their crops. People who depend on ice can lose their businesses due to the unpredictable change in weather.

People argue against each other every time. It is only normal for us to think that problems always involve ourselves and other people. Disputes over power, money, and resources are the main reasons of worldly war. Perhaps human greediness takes control over us when these kinds of matter occur. Nations fight over resources such as oil and other underground riches to successfully earn money even though they have stepped outside of their territorial boundary.  We are also affected by their fighting; in times of war, famine and epidemics will spread across our lands, many innocent lives will be taken, abandoned and captured, some may even take refuge at desolated skyscrapers and at other countries seeking help or others may be forced to work as soldiers and suicide bombers just to win the war they have started.

War can be stopped. If only people could be just understanding and forgiving, then we will all be at peace. But look at our world today, isn’t it in destruction? It is another order of the nature thing? No. It is because people want to become stronger and gain dominance over their enemies. They will sacrifice everything just to achieve their goal. They’ll even risk other innocent lives to successfully carry out their plans.

If only we could be more considerate. If only we know that we are not perfect. If only we know that each of us is equal, that nobody is greater than somebody. Then we could treat everyone as friends, brothers and sisters or even as families. We could stop future fights and wars by respecting others, by showing them your affection, by showing them that you are not underestimating them and that you are treating them as your equals. That could happen as long as we have caring minds and loving hearts.

The humans’ lust of money has become stronger and stronger over the past few years. Rich people will do whatever they can to have more money, even though it is gained through stealing and illegal businesses. While they become richer, poor people becomes even poorer due to the government’s unwise decisions and pork barrel scams. It is the money that has caused us all this war and chaos; it is in our greediness toward money that has caused us to think this way. They say, “Money cannot buy you happiness,” so why does every country wants money more than they could ever have?

What could money buy that is more important than the suffering of all the people? Do they think they can buy all the glory they can have in the world? What’s more, the government is stealing money from its own people. We can prevent this kind of problem by throwing out corrupt officials who do nothing but sit lazily in their couch and silently count their money. We must decide on whether doing this is good or not. Change first ourselves then change the community. We can even start a revolution if we really want to reject the system of the government.

We must act now. Today is the time of a new day. Today is the time to start anew. Today is the time to have a more nourishing life. Today is the time for us to stop fooling around. Today is the time to be wise. Today is the time to unite and save the world.

We are humans. We have the intellectual capacity to think for solutions and ideas to make a better world. We were created in this world to take care of it and improve some of it. He left it to us to take in-charge in, so we must not disappoint Him. We can still change the world because there is still time to act.

Problems may not cease. They will always be our obstacles in life. Therefore, we must learn to live above it and continue on being happy. Because the problems in life are the things that continue on existing even though we are not in the world any more.

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