The sword in the rose

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When it comes to the matters of the heart we could never forget the sound of our lover's voice, the sweet scent of their clothes, or the transluscent silhouette made by the shimmering moonlight. But can that candor blind us from loves fluttering truth?

Submitted: April 19, 2017

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The story is thus..

An adolescent boy by the name of Juliughs, and a young girl named Seriph grew up together on a teetering villiage on the outskirts of the Orhid kingdom. They spent their days playing childish pranks on the unsuspecting villagers and Dastardly highway men that would pass on high evenings and low sunrises. Though the surrounding village knew their pranks were made in jest,any outsiders found it borish and unsettling that children would behave in such an offensive manner. Juliughs and Seriph thought nothing of it, having fun whilst making sure the joyous occasions would never come to an end was their one desire. However, many secrets between the youths were being kept, Juliughs was training to be a knight in hopes that one day he could ask Seriph for her hand in marriage. Seriph, in the eyes of most was thought to be nothing more than a lowly flower girl sent to run threw meadows and orchards to collect materials for the alchemist she worked for. But that wasn't the secret she kept from the village, the alchemist's helper was merely a rouse, Seriph was actually a spy sent to collect all the information she could the village. Not only that, Seriph was a blood relative of the royal family from the Orchid kingdom. She was hidden amongst the ranks to blend in, every so often an advisor disguised would show up and question her on the discoveries that were made. Seriph did as she was told, not out of spite, but because of her love for Juliughs. No matter how conflicted she was over the hidden agenda she knew there was no way she could tell anyone about her dealings and relations with the Orchid kingdom. Revealing the truth to Juliughs would've ended all hope of her ever being able to go away him, and word of her betrayll to the kingdom would result in the destruction of the entire village. Ten years had passed, Juliughs was finally old enough to go train as a knight. Earning his sword and chainmail would strengthen his resolve,giving him the courage to take Seriph into his arms and proclaim his love for her. Seriph, had grown into a mature young still working for the aged alchemist. Her bond with the Orchid kingdom had grown stronger than ever, so had her feelings for Juliughs. Many nights she was contenplative over risking giving away her postion just so she could reveal the truth to Juliughs. One fall evening as the two sat under a crimson and blue sky Juliughs was inquiring about how things had been going at the alchemist shop, as expected she reponded positively. Seriph also asked how his knight training was progressing, Juliughs became silent and stared off into the distant sunset, he looked back at Seriph told her he had been a knight for sometime now, he was going to be leaving soon. Seriph was stricken with fear at the disheartening news. Thinking to herself how unfair it was to have hidden something like this for so long she became upset and nearly berated him for the deception, but she stopped herself. She couldn't possibly place harsh judgement on Juliughs, especially when she had been keeping an even worse secret for years. So instead she hugged him tightly and let the tears run down her face onto his wool tunic. Juliughs pulled away briefly and said"it doesn't have to be this way, all i need is a reason to stay". Seriph didn't understand what Juliughs had meant. Before he got the chance to elaborate Seriph to leave for the night. They hugged once more and parted ways. As Juliughs walked he whispered to himself"i would stay for you, i would stay for your love". The following morning Seriph had awakened sadder than usual, but she couldn't understand why. She ignored the feelings and the thoughts and went on to start her day. As she was making her way through the village she began to notice the awkward stares several people had been giving her, she even heard whispering in the distance, all she could do was ignore it. It had been a fews ours since she started her workday, while she was roaming through a meadow she thought it peculiar that she hadn't seen hide nor hair of Juliughs all day. She didn't put much stock into it, she simply thought Juliughs had been furthering his knight skills. At the end of the day Seriph's boss told to be careful as she made her way home, violent storms were expected later on in the evening. She arrived home sooner than she thought and went straight to sleep. Shortly after that she was awakened by the crackling of the lightning outside, she lit a candle and sat up in her bed. Seriph began to wonder what Juliughs had meant the other day when he said all that he would need was a reason to stay. She layed back down and drifted off into a deep sleep. The next morning Seriph was woken up by a knock on her door. One of the villagers had come by to tell her that the storm from the other night had killed the alchemist she was working. She stepped outside and saw all the damage done by last nights storm. Every other villager had began repairs. Sadden by her new found loss,she decided to occupy her mind with work instead of remaining inside just to cry her day away. She would just tell Juliughs later on. After she had finished helping with repairs she walked over to Juliughs's cottage to talk. She knocked once. There was no answer, she knocked a second time, still no answer. She found it unusual that Juliughs hadn't the door. She shouted " Juliughs are you there"? Still no answer. So she just walked in, the cottage was cold almost like no one had been there for days. She lit a candle and walked around in hopes that she might find Juliughs still asleep. But instead she found a note with an iron through it attaching to the table. She picked it up and began reading it. That same frightening feeling she got when Juliughs had revealed the truth about his Knighthood had fallen over her yet again. She dropped to her knees and started to. Seriph couldn't believe the words in the letter. It read " This may just be the hardest thing I've ever had to do Seriph, but the reason I kept my training to myself for so long was because I was going to war once I earned my chainmail, the voyage could last five years, it could be ten years. Though this scares me more than anything I ever faced, the thought of you marrying someone else scares me more. I became a knight with the soul purpose of proving to you that I am the man worthy of your love. But incase my journey is a fool's errand I do love you Seriph, my love for you burns more than dragons breath and if I'm not meant to make it back know that you'll be in my heart even when I draw my last breath". Seriph clutch the letter and pressed it against her bosom. She stood up and immediately made her way to the ocean. She stood atop the steep precipice stared off into the sunset as the tears dried on her face and said" I'll always wait for you, my heart will forever remain loyal to you". Ten years had passed since Juliughs's departure for war. He returned with a small handful of knights. The old village was still there just refined and sturdy. The village had changed but it had't changed either. People were out greeting the knights that made it home, other making preparations and mourning the deceased. Juliughs wasn't interested in welcoming ceremonies and gifts, his only desire was to see Seriph. He went to her cottage and knocked on the door, scared to death that he may not see his love but the man replaced he stood strong anyway and braced himself for the impact. To his utter astonishment a beautiful long haired woman opened the door, Juliughs was speechless, all he could think about was just how beautiful she was. The woman smiled and asked Juliughs could she help him with anything. Juliughs responded" It's me Seriph, Juliughs. You didn't forget about me, did you"? The woman froze briefly, she smiled again and simply asked Juliughs to come in and have some food. The two sat around for hours near a warm fireplace and talked about his adventures and near death experiences, and her time here in the village. The two had talked for so long they completely lost track of time. Juliughs decided he would go back to his cottage and he could come back first thing in the morning. Seriph grabbed him by his arm and asked Juliughs to stay with her for the night, Juliughs said "yes, I'd be honored". Juliughs and Seriph removed their clothes and stared into each others eyes, they caressed skin, before to long they wrapped in a warm,sweaty embrace. Moans and howls of passionate ecstacy could be heard by every villager within ear shot of Seriph's cabin. The next morning Seriph woke and stared at Juliughs's still rest body and she whispered"If only I could tell you the truth". Juliughs felt movement on the bed and woke up, he looked at Seriph and told her "I love you". Seriph sighed and said" I love you, too". Weeks and months had gone by since Juliughs had made it back home. But so much had changed in such a short amount of time. Seriph and Juliughs had made the decision to move out of the villiage and get some land of their own, and begin to make arrangements for a family. One day while the two were out over looking the ocean Juliughs reached into is leather satchel and pulled out the shiniest ring Seriph had ever seen, she teared up instantly. Juliughs said" I've waited ten years for this, everyday that I was away from you made me long for it even more. Seriph will you marry me"? Seriph screamed" yes! Yes I will marry you, Juliughs". Word had spread around the village. The next day everyone began setting up the decorations for the ceremony at the church. Juliughs couldn't this was actually happening, he made it back from the war and he was going to marry the woman of his dreamed. But he was thrown off by the look on Seriph's face, the cheerful smile was nowhere to be found. Juliughs asked Seriph she alright,and If she truly desired to marry him. She wanted to be his wife more than anything, but there was something she needed to tell him. A look of bewilderment crept over Juliughs's face, but he agreed to speak with her in secret. Later on that evening Seriph had asked Juliughs to meet her in the Orchid meadow. Seriph arrived shortly after Juliughs, he was confused and wanted to know why she wanted to meet so late in a strange location instead of their home. Seriph took a deep breath and said " Juliughs you are everything that I could possibly want, but you're also someone that I do not deserve. I must confess to you that I am Seriph, just not the Seriph that you knew." Juliughs tried to make since of such an obscure statement and demanded to know what she meant. "You fell in love with my daughter, Juliughs. But alas she is dead, she died while you were on your voyage". Juliughs had become as white as a full moon on a summer night. Juliughs couldn't speak, he knew that he could'nt she was lying, but someone he also knew that she was telling the truth. Seriph said" I wanted to tel you this sooner, but you looked so excited when you saw me. A man hasn't looked at me that way since the king died. But If you're willing to look past this, I still want to marry you, Juliughs. Juliughs fell into a state of disbelief and left immediatly after. Seriph shouted for Juliughs but he didn't look back as he walked away. The next day came and the church was filled with people from the village and the Orchid kingdom. Seriph was very doubtful that Juliughs would show up, but she still had hope that her truth would set her free. Seriph had walked out to the altar while everyone was being seated. The priest had approached her and said this letter was left for her. She opened the letter it said" Meet me in the bell tower, your love, Juliughs". Seriph was lost but still had hope that she would still have a chance with Juliughs. She went to the back of the church opened the tower door and began climbing the ladder that to the top of the bell tower. As she got closer to the top her smile faded as the smell of blood coated the air. She pushed the wooden tower door up and pulled herself up the rest of the way. She looked behind her walked over to a chair that had a glass jar with a note attached to it. The read" This is yours to have forever, to hold til death do us part, Juliughs". Seriph Picks up the looks into the jar. She screams and drops the jar, it shatters as it hits the stone floor of the bell tower. Now realizing the contents of the jar was the heart of her love she looks around to try and find Juliughs, or atleast a sign of him. She finds a trail of blood and follows it to a stone window. She begins to shiver and shake at the thought of finding Juliughs crushed on the ground below. She looks out the window and she sees the bloody body of Juliughs hanging neck first from the belfry. 

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