City of Angels

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A little story with symbolic value

Submitted: April 18, 2017

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Submitted: April 18, 2017



City of Angels.

I imagined the light of the sun, imagined the smell of grass, missed the wind and rain, imagined the food and water, the sky and the stars. I imagined the city of angels, which about told me the old man. I was slowly dying, and recalled how it all began. Then I thought that this was my end.

We lived in a quiet and safe forest. There was no time in our days, and everything seemed eternal. I was seventeen, and it was time to leave my home. Kissing my mother and embracing my father, we said our goodbyes, and I hit the road. I did not know what was waiting for me there, and what it would be like the place where I was going to. I had nothing except the map that gave my father, pointing to the way, and little food, which wrapped my mother.

Future met me with the gust of the wind and rain. Against the wind, I came to the woods and fell down under a tree being exhausted, for waiting out bad weather. By morning, the rain stopped, but the wind was still blowing dried leaves off the ground, lifting them up. I continued my journey. The wind was not abated, it became fiercer and stronger. The wind tore off the map from my hands and carried away into the sky. I did not know where to go and just went on ahead against the wind, from time to time it threw me to the ground. I was getting weaker, and it was more and more difficult to climb. When it got dark, I fell down to the ground, and did not try to resist the wind. I thought that this was my end.

I woke up in the house of an old man who had found me in the morning. I asked him where my bag was, and he said that when he found me, I had nothing.

-What was in your bag? - asked the old man.

-All things that my parents prepares for me. There was everything I needed: food, water, boots, when my old wear out, gloves, when my hands freeze.

The old man shook his head and made a face.

-They did not give you the most important thing that you needed.

-What is it? - I asked very surprised.

-They did not put confidence in your bag.

-Where can I find it? - I asked excitedly, but I did not know what it was.

The old man told me about the city of angels and explained how to go there, but he warned that the path must have been difficult. I said goodbye to him and left his little house. By night, I reached the mountain, which I had to get around and in the morning I was at the river, which I had to swim and in the evening, finally I found the way. The old man said that once I found that way, then I would not lose it. He also said that he did not know what would happen on the road further - that was why he was afraid to go on it. I felt coldness and fear coming from there. Along that road, there were trees on both sides. With every meter trees grew closer and closer to each other, their leaves were becoming greener and the stems were becoming thicker. Then all trees became black. It became darker and darker. I came to one tree and I saw the stony petal. I touched it with my fingertips and felt its coldness. I did not know that all the branches would become like that petal. I moved on, and the trees were completely stony. Ahead there was a darkness, and when I had looked back, I saw that on the place I had just passed, there was a new stony tree. I was surprised but I moved on. After a couple of steps, I looked back again, and saw that behind of me there began to appear new stony trees. They were arising more and more from all the sides; just the road in front of me was the same. I thought about coming back, otherwise the trees could build a wall around me, and I could never get out from here. Probably, it was exactly the same point the old man had reached. I pulled myself together, and hardly decided not to give up. I went on ahead; behind of me there was a big wall of stony trees, and there was no way to come back anymore. I reached the tunnel. I went in and there was no sound, no color, no smell. I just heard my heart was pounding and I stepped foot carefully on the ground. Suddenly, the ground became too soft, my foot sank into it, and soon I pull them out hardly, with each step sinking knee-deep into the ground. I was afraid that the ground could swallow me and the tunnel seemed never to end. When I saw the light, I went as fast as possible towards it, but when the tunnel finally was passed, I was amazed and unable to move. This was something that I was coming to? I saw the black sky, in the fire burned hills around; there was a rain of small stony pieces that scratched the skin off. Everything was in smoke. I was scared, but it became even worse when I thought that what I was looking for did not exist. Maybe the old man lied to me about existence of the city of angels and a belief in yourself. What should I have done? I came from nowhere to nowhere, from the past to the future, and even if I had not lost anything, I did not know what to obtain. The stony trees totally covered the way to come back. I was in the middle of nothing. And I thought that was my end.

I looked up and saw that the sky had cleared, but in that country, billions of lights never knew that we had been here. I went on ahead, passed by the burning hills, coughing from the smoke. I saw a girl without arms in a white knee-length dress. She was blindfolded and barefoot. It seemed that she was looking for something or someone. Then I saw many people wandering from side to side, they all were blindfolded, and it seemed that they were all looking for something. Many of them had no arms or no legs, blind or deaf. I asked the girl what they were doing, and she said that they were all looking for a way to go out from that place for getting to the city of angels. She said that I also would become blindfold. I took her hand to look for exit together, but when she heard flapping wings, she was scared and she left my hand and ran away. I looked around and saw that huge flock of bats covered the sky. They were coming to me, and I saw that they had a figure as a person, only their skin was black like a night and they did not have faces. Picking up the wings behind the back, they surrounded me, grabbed my hands and took me into the cave. It got the total darkness, I was thrown forward with a force, and I fell down. I heard a voice:

-I will let you go, if you give me your soul instead of your life.

I refused, and they took me somewhere. I saw nothing around, there was only darkness. My hands and legs were tied. Next day, the voice asked me the same question. I again refused, and they cut off my arm. I remembered those armless people and knew: to refuse again meant to let them cut off the second arm. I only heard his sobs and heavy breath. Sometimes I deliberately broke the silence, speaking to myself, for not being pressed by silence. They cut the second arm. I did not know how many days had passed when they cut off my leg, after my next denial. All days and nights there were only nights, in that cave I saw nothing else but it. My hair was pulled out, they beat me, and I was making the wild screams out of my throat against my will. Then they had been disappearing for a long time. So long that I even was waiting for them, because the darkness and loneliness, pain in my body and silence drove me crazy. They cut off the second leg. I did not believe in the existence of the life that I had with my parents, I did not believe in the existence of an old man who sent me here. I almost stopped believing in the existence of a reason why I came here. They had not been there for so long that inside of my soul, so thrilling defended, I prayed they to come back again, but just only not to stay alone into that darkness. I imagined the light of the sun, imagined the smell of grass, missed the wind and rain, imagined food and water, imagined the sky and the stars. I imagined the city of angels, which about told me the old man. I tried to defend the weak light inside of me that was going out. I was slowly dying. I thought that was my end.

I was very weak, the mind was cloudy. The voice asked again about taking my soul on the cost of my life, and I again refused, preparing to the death, what almost had won me.  Everything became quieter than silence, darker than the darkness, colder than cold. I was dying and I closed my eyes thinking that the death was like a dream: I do not understand how to sleep, but it must happen. Suddenly, everything started disappearing, the darkness was torn into pieces, the light was breaking it, the cave poured like sand, I heard a wild roar, and finally closed my eyes from the blinding sun. When I opened my eyes, I saw how the people were taken away the blindfolds and how it reflected their souls in eyes, and how their hands and legs grew, how the blind could see again, how the deaf could hear again, how the fire was dying of the burning hills. I saw how grew up my hands and legs, and the scars and maims was healing itself on my body. The stony rain stopped, and the people around cheered: who had appeared legs - jumped and smiled of happiness, who had arm appeared - hugged each other, and those who could see again, looked at everything with a wild admiration. And I could understand them, because I was blind, having eyes, when I was into the dark cave. I stood up, even if I was so exhausted and weak, and I saw the girl in a white dress. After all the nights faced in the cave, it seemed to me that her eyes that were blindfolded at our first meet, were shining like two suns. She came to me and said:

-You saved us! You won what was a voice in the cave - it lived by our souls.

-A City of angels? - I asked, remembering how often I imagined this city, dying in the cave. People began to surround me with a smile and some of them came to me to hug.

-Now we can go there together, - she said and took my hand, indicating the appeared exit and I knew that there was no fear of her anymore.

By night, we reached the lake and its surface was unmovable as a mirror. On the other side with a moonlight I saw the road. I did not know what that way was, but it seemed like if it was filled with our desires and hopes, and at the end, would led us to the city of angels.

I thought that this was my beginning.


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