Fashion Trends of 2002

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What was popular (in terms of clothing) in the year 2002? Did we finally leave behind the utilitarian look? Did another retro revival materialize?
Read on to find out!

Submitted: April 18, 2017

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Submitted: April 18, 2017



By 2002 we were two years past the millenium and new styles were appearing.

I would say the a sort of "Western" look came out of this year.  Recall the fringe belts?  Yup, they were born in this time period.  A lot of jeans and denim skirts came with these "new" belts.  They were usually tan in color and had leather or leather-like cords coming out of the buckle.  They did nothing except add bulk to the style.  Usually they were slouchy on the waist, but this was intentional.

In 2002 blouses began to take a sort of "1970s" feel with the bell sleeves.  Some of the sleeves were long and flowy and some were ragged, similar to a handkerchief.  These blouses could be chiffon, poly, velvet and so on.  They were could be simple or embroidered, they could have empire waists or have self ties at neckline.  In other words, you had options when it came to these blouses. 

Around this time the sandblasted look became the thing to have.  Denim came as if it had been in a sandstorm.  I myself had a sandblasted denim jacket that I treasured, and sandblasted denim jeans that I still have, all born in this year.  Dark rinses were still around but it was the sandblasted ones that sold more.  And at some point (don't ask me when) designers started to make the low-rise jeans that were kind of hard to wear (especially after a 3-course meal)!

In terms of jewelry, magazines and catalogs of the time showed a lot of "antique chandelier-type" earrings.  They were dainty and dangly and in a way were very different from what had come in the 1990s.  These earrings looked fancy and made any teen girl who wore them feel sophisticated.  Drop pendants were also popular as were leather pendants, which were more like chokers, which reminded me of the ones worn in 1994.

Other styles to remember that were commonly seen in 2002 were: camoflauge anything, sherpa-lined coats, suade jackets, lace trim tops and dresses, square and boat-necklines, grommet belts, turtleneck sweaters, denim skirts, batik prints, prairie skirts, safari jackets, cap sleeves, and eyelet.

Perhaps my favorite looks of 2002 were these beaded tops that were neither too tight or too loose.  They typically were sleeveless and had these beaded designs at the neckline, which is what made them stand out.  They were pretty and you could wear them to school, to go shopping, or go on a date-whatever.  This look continued on strong for a couple more years and later became morphed with other styles.

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