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honestly it's a bunch of nonsense that was in my head i just wanted to write it down though

Submitted: April 18, 2017

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Submitted: April 18, 2017



I'm not good enough 

I know that now

Nothing I do will ever be enough

You'll always hate me

And that's fine

I've learned to accept this fact

I've learned to accept that you're double standard as a motherfucker

These are things I know and have accepted because I love you

But when is enough, enough?

Apparently never 

But as you know, I hold on for a better day

A day that I won't be agitated by the little things

A day when you notice the shit you do and how it affects me

But I'm pretty sure you already know

I think now it's on purpose because you know

It's simple I get jealous I know this 

You know this

I'm insecure I know this 

And once again you know this 

But yet and still same things happen and I react in the same way

When will I learn that my feelings don't actually matter

When will I learn that nothing I say matters 

At least not to you

You ask me why I do this and that while explaining why I did it

How could you not know?

Or you blind or just stupid?

Because now I'm confused

You get mad at me for giving something to somebody when they asked for it but you can hug other females how does that make sense?

It doesn't and it's aggravating and I'm getting sick of it in all honesty I'm just gonna stop caring because I'm fed up

Talk to whoever you want

Touch whoever you want 

Fuck whoever you want because now I'm at the point of passed pissed 

I'm done

Utterly and irrevocably done

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