Should we have met?

Should we have met?

Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



Status: Finished

Genre: Romance



This is a poem once again I felt I had to put out because I was inspired by life....enjoy
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This is a poem once again I felt I had to put out because I was inspired by life....enjoy


Submitted: April 18, 2017

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Submitted: April 18, 2017



I don’t think we should have met


Though our time together I cannot forget


Us together at those late hours


The ecstasy held a villainous power


In those moments, with you with me


Our bodies pressed, for lusts release.


Me with you and you with me


And after our passion as I dressed to leave


On my drive in the driver seat,


right beside me my guilt inquires


Should we have met back in those first few hours;


Back before, when it was my time not ours.


Back before I knew your name


Before our time together brought me shame


Back before you devolved my mind,


Back before I crossed that line.


When we first met, I was not insane,


I did not obsess about everything, because after when met for me everything was you


Back before I wondered if you felt that way for me too.


But why had you not told me you had a child?


Or that there was a man in your life who you drove wild


Who wanted to put a ring your hand, but you traded that for a one night stand


And then there were 2 and 3 and 4


Then there were so many I couldn’t count anymore.


And unlike the first time on the third we were not drunk,


And eventually afterward I figure it was my fault for being a jerk


I saw the pictures of your daughter in your phone, I even saw in some of them you two were not alone.


That man he was in quite a few of them.




what was wrong with me from now and then


Perhaps it was your blue eyes and your long hair, your perky voice and your giddy air.


Perhaps it was your personality,




Maybe I was just horny.


Why didn’t your friends tell me at first?


Though I want to blame them I can’t deny that it is all my fault afterwards.


I hope you know I want him to find out.


He might kick my ass but I feel I deserve it now.


I kind of wish he was the one that caught me then


And not your sister and daughter coming in.


I can’t believe I saw that little girls face, she couldn’t talk but I can’t stand remembering that baby seeing a stranger with her mother that way.


I couldn’t stand that babies smile,


I couldn’t stay or live that kind of lifestyle.


Your sister cursed and screamed at me, but to my surprise she let me leave


She didn’t even tell him then, surprisingly I became her friend.


But there is nothing more vicious than a woman’s scorn,


So clever and subtle and vicious like a strategist at war


Because of her I met him


Surprisingly he went to our school, I had no classes with him but apparently, he thought I was cool


We traded numbers, and played videogames, and behind his back I was sleeping with his future Fiancé’.


Needless to say, when he proposed, I decided I’m cutting you out, deleting your number from my phone.


It has been a week now and you won’t stop calling me.


Even now why the fuck won’t you stop texting me?


Should we have met she would we even be.


You know I like you I want it to just be you and me


Not you me your baby daddy and daughter.


Should we have met


Answer me that at the altar.


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