The Woman in White

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Legend has it, be where of the woman in white!

Submitted: April 18, 2017

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Submitted: April 18, 2017



The woman in White

It was 1967, the day of All Hallows Eve and Benjamin and his friend Riley sat side by side in the back row of his junior English class. As the teacher went on with his lesson on the Salam witch trials, Riley leaned over to the side of his desk and whispered his friend’s name. Benjamin snapped out of his thoughts and cocked his head quietly to the side to meet his friend’s gaze.

“Hey Ben; Do you know what tomorrow is?” whispered Riley.

“Yes; it’s Halloween,” replied Benjamin.

“No! Not that! It’s the Anniversary of the black and white film; The Woman in White. It’s playing at the local theatre tomorrow night at 10:30pm.”

“And?” said Benjamin.

“And, well you’ve heard the urban legend about the film, right? Asked Riley.

“Well no, I guess,” replied Benjamin.

“Well here in Massachusetts, the legend goes that every Anniversary of that film which always falls on Halloween, the woman in white awakens from the dead. You know who she is right? Mr. James has been teaching us about the Salam trials all week. He mentioned her several times.”

“Um, well he has been discussing to us about Sarah Good and Remy Good allot. They were one of the two that was hanged for witch craft. I think Abigail Williams was the one whom accused them of practicing witch craft on her,” explained Benjamin.

“Yeah that’s right. The film is a documentary on the Remy Good trials. It shows how she was wrongfully accused and off course her death. Anyways legend has it that as you’re watching the scene where the towns people hang her. Her neck off course snaps on the rope, but after the towns people leave her there to die, suddenly her eyes pop open and before you know it she is of the rod and walking towards the screen in slow motion. You will not be able to tear your eyes of off her. You will be instantly hypnotized by her.  Finally, she walks out of the movie and boom everybody in the movie theatre is killed in the most gruesome way possible.

“What! You believe that load of crap?” said Benjamin in an annoyed voice.

“Hell, yeah man! They even say the reason why she kills them is because she is full of hate and anger and she wants everyone on the outside to feel her pain. She died for a lost cause and she will make sure our ancestry dies for one too. After-all we all play some part in the ancestry line traced back to the Salam trials.”

“Well that’s just a load of bullshit,” said Benjamin.

“You want to test it out. Are you brave enough?”

Benjamin gave Riley an unnerving look. “Um, I’m not chicken, but you’re just going to end up feeling stupid when you find out that all that shit was just crap just to scare the people of this town. That’s why they are called Urban Legends; because that’s all they are,” cried Benjamin.

“Okay we’ll see. Me and Mandy will be picking you up tomorrow night at 9:30PM sharp, so clear your Halloween night schedule,” said Riley.

Just before Benjamin was about to reply, he heard a deep raspy voice break through his words. He turned his attention towards the teacher who was now taping his long ruler stick annoyingly across his right palm and staring at both boys with a discomforting glare.

“You two are disrupting my classroom. If you need to chat please do that outside or after class, if not, close your mouths and pay attention. Our next discussion will be on your midterms so please take notes,” cried Mr. James.

Benjamin dementor suddenly changed and he embarrassingly put his head down on the desk and hid his blushed face from the other student’s glares with his open novel.

As soon as the teacher went on with his next discussion, Benjamin heard Riley whisper something else. He thought he heard his friend tell him to bring his girlfriend along.

On Halloween night, Benjamin and his girlfriend, Susan sat on the couch in Benjamin’s living room watching a Halloween flick. They were all dressed in their costumes for the night out at the movie theater. Benjamin was dressed as a clown and his girlfriend was dressed as a sexy black cat. As they watched the killer movie on Benjamin’s 19-inch Television set, Susan held him tight and jumped at every part in the movie where the killer would slice open his victims. Benjamin smiled with excitement at her frightened discomfort.

The doorbell rang making Susan jump out of her seat with a frightened cry out. “Who’s that?” cried Susan as she stood on her feet and stared at the front door.

Benjamin chuckled out a laughter. “Relax Susan that’s probably Riley and Mandy or some trick or treaters. It is after all 9:45PM,” Benjamin reassured her as he looked at the wall clock and got up from his seat on the coach. He placed his hand in his girlfriend’s hand and gave gazed warmly into her eyes; reassuring her that she was safe. She held on to him as he walked with her towards the front door.

Benjamin unlashed the bolts on the door and swung the door open to find a man and woman staring at them through scary masks. The man had a Dr. Jekyll outfit on along with a matching mask and the woman had a female Frankenstein costume on with off course the big hair to match. “Wow, Riley, Mandy, is that you guys? Asked Benjamin.

“Yeah Ben, who else would it be?” replied Riley. Are you guys ready to head out?”

“Yeah, we’ve been ready since 9:00 PM,” said Susan.

“Then let’s go,” cried Riley.

Benjamin and Susan left the house with Riley and his girlfriend heading to the local theater. Because the theater was a ten-minute walk, they decided to enjoy the Halloween night air and watch the dozens of little children in costume roam around the streets of the little town they lived in and trick or treat their way into a bad case of tooth aches and upset stomachs.

When they finally arrived at the local theater, they realized the movie theater was kind of deserted and empty. They figured because it was Halloween night, people just wasn’t in the mood for the same old Halloween movies shown every Halloween night. Benjamin and his group of friends all walked up to the dark box office window. It seemed like nobody was inside the booth, until they got closer and saw an old looking guy with a patched eye and a long brown beard. He looked up at Benjamin with a bizarre stare and continued to chew his tobacco in his mouth.

 Both Benjamin and Riley turned their heads to look at each other in an alarmed way. They were spooked to their boots by this strange old man. Benjamin turned back to the old man behind the booth and choked out the words. “Four please, for The Woman in White.”

The old man stared at Benjamin awkwardly, and then turned his head down to the side and spit tobacco residue into a trash bin next to him. He then turned back to Benjamin and said, “That will be ten dollars.”

Benjamin reached into his back pocket and pulled out his wallet. He opened it and pulled out a ten-dollar bill. He handed it to the teller. The teller grabbed it from his hand and handed him four movie tickets. Benjamin gladly took it and walked into the movie theater lobby with his three friends trailing behind him.

As they walked into the dimly lit theater, Benjamin felt Susan grab his right hand. She held tight to him as they struggled to find their way in the dark theater.

“Wow this place is scary and dark at night,” cried Susan.

Benjamin turned his attention to his girlfriend who was clinging on to him for dear life. He thought it was cute to see her so spooked. “Nah honey, it’s just scary and dark because it Halloween night,” he said.

“Why is it so empty in here,” cried Mandy as she also held on to Riley as they walked down the corridor.

“I don’t know honey bun; people just aren’t into the same scary movies on Halloween anymore,” said Riley.

They finally found the film room that the woman in White would be playing in and quietly entered. They made their way up the aisle to the fourth row and sat down close to each other. Benjamin looked around the theater room and realized the place was totally empty except him and his group of friends and a middle-aged man who sat a few rows above them.

Susan leaned over and whispered his Benjamin’s ear. “So, do you think the legend is true?” she asked him.

Benjamin turned his eyes to meet hers and smirked. “No sweet lips, that’s just a bunch of folk tale.” He leaned further into her and granted her with a soft kiss on her dainty ruby red lips.

Riley leaned across his girlfriend’s lap and yelled out to both Benjamin and Susan. “Be quiet you two; the movie is starting.”

Benjamin turned his attention to the projector as the lights went dim and the opening credits came on. Ten minutes into the movie, Benjamin could feel himself getting lost in the engagement of the movie scenes. The way the picture showed was like being in a 3-D movie. He felt himself getting sucked into the scenes. He felt like he was there sitting in the court as Abigail Williams and the rest of the towns people threw their judgements at Remy Good. He could feel everything she felt at each moment. He could feel her sorrows and fears. He found himself walking amongst the crowd of towns people as they took Remy Good to her awaiting death. He felt like he was there in front of her as the towns people hung her and left her to die in the middle of the village.

Suddenly he was no longer inside the movie. He was back to himself, in his own world. He now was seeing things as it appeared to him in his own body. He stared at Remy Good’s body as her body hung lifelessly on the rod. Then suddenly her eyes flew wide open. Her eyes felt like fire burning into his own. He felt like his eye balls was on fire but he couldn’t tear his eyes away from hers own. He could not even blink out a tear. He knew his friends were experiencing the same things as he was experiencing right then. Before his eyes, he could see Remy’s ghost undue the rope around her neck and snap her neck back into place. She gracefully started walking towards the screen. Her grace was like she was walking on air. Benjamin couldn’t move nor speak. He felt paralyzed and hypnotized by her. As she was coming closer and closer to the screen, Benjamin felt frightened to the bone. He could feel himself shaken with fear on the inside.

Suddenly the ghost of Remy walks out of the movie screen and fly’s over the front three rows towards them. She floats in front of Riley and reaches her hand into Riley’s chest pulling his heart straight out of his chest. Riley chocks on his own blood. He is gargling out blood and finally slumps over the front seat in front of him. As soon as her first victim dies, Benjamin feels his paralysis wearing off. Shaken with hysteria, Mandy jumps up and tries to run to the exit. Before she can get to it, her neck snaps and her body falls to the floor. Before Susan can get up, the ghost reaches over and smashes Susan’s head in. Brains and insides spills over the top of her head as she is slumped in her seat. Benjamin decides to make a run for it. He gets up and runs for the exit. As he reaches the exit door, he can see the middle -aged man banging on the door and crying out for help. Suddenly the middle-aged man’s head is being smashed countless times against the wall until his head is caved in and he no longer has life. Finally, the ghost of Remy Good gets to her last victim. Benjamin stares in fear at Remy as she floats over him. He feels pain in all his limbs, then one by one his limps are being pulled off their hinges. First both his arms then his two legs. He falls to the ground as he loses his legs. Blood gushing out of his joints. He tries to breath, but no air is coming out. He feels death coming upon him. After a minute goes by he finally closes his eyes and lets death take him over. As soon as all of Remy’s victims dies and death fills the atmosphere, the lights pop back on and she vanishes back into the movie.

A night janitor on duty, opens the door and is frightened and surprised to see five gruesomely murdered bodies dead on the floor with blood and guts everywhere. He stares at the projector with shock and an open mouth as the ending credits roll down the screen.

The end!


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