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Love, Lust..
Hate, Anger..

Submitted: April 19, 2017

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Submitted: April 19, 2017



Love, Lust.. Hate, Anger..

What will the words that state above do to people? Every person in this world have a certain way to handle such emotions.

There are people who show such emotions obviously and there are also people who bury those emotion deep down that it will burst out in the surface one day.

There are also people who do not even care.

Love is a wonderful emotion happens to most people that lead them to happiness which also makes me wonder what it differs from Lust. Such emotion shows that people have needs such as sex which give some people satisfaction and some sort of happiness. Lust is not specifically only for sex but also for something else.

Hate is such a strong feeling of dislike of something or someone. It is an emotion that every people in this world have, there is no denying it though. The same apply to Anger, it is such an emotion that cause adrenaline to rise. An emotion that is dangerous to people with issues.

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