Why are We Here

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A question that has been asked by most

Submitted: April 19, 2017

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Submitted: April 19, 2017



Why are we here?

This question has been asked through every generation

To live life without any cares or fears?

These are the prayers of people of all nations

Times are getting harder to deal with each day

Increasing prices, decreasing pay

Stressful times…a man entering his place of employment

Kills half the people there, the other half are hostages

A child of seventeen chased several blocks and captured

His freedom gone…beginnings of his mothers torture

A baby too hungry and weak to cry

Its mother is too busy selling her body to get high

Two friends last week had words with one another

One returned with a gun and shot his friends brother

 North, East, West, South…Blue, Red, Black, Green

People killed over silly shit, what does all of it mean

Are these the hard times Jesus spoke of with his disciples?

If it were not for the sins of the first man life would be delightful

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