Where her Thoughts Go to Run Away

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Well I wrote this one day when I was bored and I thought that it was good enough to post. I hope you guys like it and please put in some suggestions if you have any. Thanks! :)

Submitted: April 19, 2017

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Submitted: April 19, 2017



She tries and tries to make the thoughts go away, but is returned with the same results.She wishes for more but knows that nothing will come. She pleads and prays, but prayers are pushed away. The hope that was once in her so strong turns into fear that lingers all through her body. The love that she had turns into depression She stares out hoping for something to happen, but left with silence.Silence the only thing that should never be left be. Her house turns into a prison.Her room turns into the cell. Colors turned into gray.Voices she loved to hear start to stray away. Beings and loved ones that all around left and vanished.She then grew silent like everything else that did.The hope had all died out and was left with regret. Sleeping turned into the only savior. The one thing that kept her a being.The days grew shorter and the nights were long. But her, herself knew it will all be at rest soon enough. Patience kept her ambition for life. Even though all the plants has died. Along with other things that could never be brought back like her own self.Skin grew cold.Eyes went pale everything seemed calm besides the emotions in her head. The longing of life grew to impatience. Everything is dead, her only living inside this prison cell with all of the dead. Her skin grew white. Eyes went gray and for one everything was calm. The emotions calmed and turned into a whisper. The longing turned into nothing. The hope disappeared. The praying went away. Everything was gone. Only left with silence the one that should never had stayed. Maybe that if it had went away, things wouldn't have to be silent. But only the noise of loved ones filling into her soul. But no only left with the silence. The soul that was loud and loved turning into silence and forgotten

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