Inner Light

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A poem about the state of our world and how to deal with it.

Submitted: April 19, 2017

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Submitted: April 19, 2017




So, they're killing people in the movies,

They're killing more on the news,

And if man-made murders are not enough,

Nature's in on the action, too.


Tsunamis in the oceans,

Earthquakes on the land,

Avalanches in the mountains,

The scale is getting grand.


Suicide bombers in the streets,

Mass shootings in our schools,

Airplane crashes, auto wrecks,

And pyromaniacs with fuels.


Yet as tragedy follows tragedy,

And the storm of destruction gathers force,

A countervailing calmness

Can be found at its very source.


The love of a husband for his wife,

The miracle of birth,

A mother caring for her child,

The shared pleasure of carefree mirth.


These things will not protect you,

But they will keep your soul intact,

They will make your load more bearable,

When the future seems most black.


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