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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
Currently working on this short story. Will be adding to it, editing and re-writing based on feedback.

Submitted: April 19, 2017

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Submitted: April 19, 2017



“I’m sorry Grace, there’s nothing more we can do at this stage. If things change, we’ll be in touch straight away”. With her heart sinking lower with every step, Grace Stoke emerges onto the street from her barrister’s office in Drumcondra. She looks up and down the street, at the people going about their daily business and wonders how things got this messed up. She pulls her hood up over her face and slumps to her bus stop. She just wants to get out of here. How can the case be tossed out so easily? They assured her she would win. Now, it can’t even be brought to court! She wishes she had someone to turn to right now, someone to comfort her and tell her it’ll be alright. She wipes this pitiful thought from her mind as easily as she wipes the single tear sliding down her cheek. She can’t think like that. She has learned the hard way that she can’t rely on anyone.

She thanked the bus driver and got off at her stop. What a waste of a Saturday. She turned the key in her apartment and swung open the door. She was welcomed by the smell of her housemate’s curry dinner. She and Olivia had been living together for three years now, since Grace started her secretarial job in Greene and Co., a swanky advertising agency on St. Stephens Green in Dublin. They weren’t exactly friends as such, Grace wasn’t the friend type, but they were friendly towards each other and liked living together, it suited them.

“Hey Grace, how was your day? Want some dinner, I’ve made way too much. Greg was meant to be coming over, but he got called into work,” Olivia’s voice sang out as she rushed around the kitchen finishing her food. The place looked like a bomb hit it. Grace wasn’t in the mood for company, so she just muttered “no thanks. I’m off to bed”. Olivia picked up on Grace’s mood straight away, “Hey, what’s wrong? You look worse than my curry!”. “Nothing you can fix”, muttered Grace as she felt the world of worry on her shoulders grow heavier. Olivia stood in the doorway with her arms crossed, “Try me”. Grace’s face grew tight with annoyance. “I don’t want to talk about it. I just had a shitty day, that’s all. I’m going to bed.”

As the last light of the day faded against the wall of Grace’s bedroom, she thought back over what the barrister had said, “Not enough legal merit”… Pft, what a pathetic way of telling someone their case is bullshit. Just say it was too long ago and we can’t prove it now. She wondered if she would ever have any luck. Ever since she was a small child, doors had been slammed in her face and she was constantly being let down. She should have been used to it by now, but this, she just couldn’t let it lie. She had to get justice.

“Shut up you little bitch……this is all your fault”. “No, please, stop…….that hurts”. “You deserve it…….I’ll show you!” Grace woke up terrified in a cold sweat. She sat bolt upright in her bed, her light brown hair stuck to the back of her neck. It took her a minute to remember where she was, that they couldn’t hurt her anymore. She couldn’t live like this anymore. She knew what she had to do. 

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