The Girl In Rags

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A late night short story.

Submitted: April 19, 2017

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Submitted: April 19, 2017



The Girl In Robes


Her mom passed, her dad left, and she was all alone. As she woke, tears fell from her eyes just before she reach the school gates. That horrid place, she hated it. There was a sudden silence to her ears as she walked down the hallway, her surroundings became invisible; it was a blur to her eyes. She no longer got frightened by this; she was used to it.

She arrived in class and took out her pen; ready to listen to what was going to be taught. But, why was this so hard? Why was she so disturbed? Thoughts flew through her mind. She taught about that day. That day the accident happened. As she and her mom drove through the plains, they sang their favorite song, "The Longest Highway". Oh, how they enjoyed singing and humming to that song. But, during the drive, the brakes couldn't seem to work. The car swirled to the edge of the road, and BAM it hit a tree. "Mom, can you hear me"? "Mom, wake up"! No answer, just the blood that drained from her forehead. Excuse me, Samantha; do you know the answer? And poof, her deadly thoughts were interrupted. She had to get back to the real world. "No sir", she replied. The class was now over, and lunch time was approaching. It was a relief to everyone, except Samantha. She walked into the cafeteria, carefully trooping across the mean girls. She knows not to make eye contact, but that usually doesn't stop them from picking on her. "Ugly", they laughed. "Fatty", they cried. She hated those words. She couldn't wait until school was over.

hastily to her house because she had to get home before dark. No light in her apartment, no shower to bathe in. But, thank God she left her buckets outside because the rain fell pretty hard. She undressed, and placed her robes on a hanger; for that was one out of the two clothing that was in her closet. She waited until night approached so she can sit outside and stare at the stars. "Mom", she said, "can you hear me"? Silence, as always. She knew this night was no different from the others; restless. Alone with the stars and her thoughts. 

"Who's there"? She asked. No reply. "I said who's there"? "Show your face". A noise came from the bushes, slowly breaking branches as he made his way towards her. "Sorry to disturb you; I was just looking for my cat that escaped through the back door". She was silent, for she hadn't spoken personally to a boy before. "Have you seen her"? He asked. Still, no reply. She turned her head and nervously waited for him to leave. He slowly walked away, confused as to why she was acting so strange. But, his instincts told him something was wrong, so he turned back. As her body was turned the opposite direction, he placed his hands on her shoulder. She jumped. Her heart was beating as fast as the hooves of a horse on a racetrack. "What's wrong"? He asked. Her lips came to a tremble, and she felt the sweat about to drain down her face. "You do not have to be afraid of me, he said; I want to get to know you".

Suddenly, it fell. Her heart beat was moving at a normal rate again. My name is Samantha, she murmured. Well nice to meet you, my name is James. No reply.She tilted her head down. He gently asked, "Are you staying up to look at the stars"? She then turned around and tried to get a glimpse of his face. It was dark, but somehow his eyes glowed. "Yes", she finally answered. He smiled knowing that she looked at him. In fact, he couldn't help but see a glow in her eyes as well. He was aware that this was taking it too far, but he asked anyway, "Can I join you"? At that moment, she felt a comfort. She turned her head and smiled to herself; not realizing she hadn't given him an answer. She placed her head on her knees and hugged them. She was in her dream world again, but this time it wasn't a negative thought. She turned her head and replied, "Sure". He smiled and removed her brittle hair from her face. "I'll be back; I am going to run to my house, and grab a blanket for us. Seconds after he was gone, she laughed. She felt warm and comforted. A feeling she never felt in a long time. She then looked up at the stars and said, "Thank you mom"

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