The Delhite Who Never Swore

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Submitted: April 19, 2017

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Submitted: April 19, 2017






Before I begin I'd like the readers to know that all this did indeed occur in my life and I'm not making it up (most of it at least). This story goes back to when I was just a young lad in a foreign land still trying to find his place in the world. I was the cream of the crop , the alpha dog , numero uno whatever fancies you but then I was uprooted from the land of opportunity and planted back in my homeland.


As soon as I entered I was reminded of my social stature and where I belonged, the bottom. I struggled for many years but I couldn't escape the walls of my incapability . India has a way of constantly reminding the ones below where they belong. Be it the education system or the track team or the friends you have. I was at the bottom of everything, no friends,no grades, no fitness,no love besides the parental one(although that was an issue of it's own).


By the end of my 10th grade I was an average student with hardly any friends barely made it to the basketball team but I was happy then. Maybe it was the ignorance is bliss concept or the fact that I didn't let people phase me, my mind was my best friend and it had never let me down when I most needed it.

I had spent a month in Nasik at a military camp. Over there for some magical reason I learned how to make friends, I didn't even speak the same languages as they did but in my broken Hindi and their Hinglish we managed. After I had returned my body and mind had risen exponentially. In fact I found 11th and 12th to be quite trivial (not saying I aced the exams) but I never stressed myself for anything. I became one of the better players of my school and soon I became popular. That was my first blunder, I decided becoming popular was more important than taking care of myself. I indulged in social media trying to form meaningless friendships with idiots when I could have been dreaming.


I started to slack off in life, just focused on girls and basketball I progressed, then came possibly the most influential girl of my life till now, she was my first girlfriend but even that had come at a great price, my life started shifting and she was the new center. However through all that drama I was even further from my dreams. I woke up one and half years later when she broke up with me, we had our ups and downs, she decided that me being in college and her soon going to college would destroy whatever was left between us anyway. This was the first time I had experienced a loss so great I found it difficult to even breathe for months. I was living a nightmare though I was in the best college for engineering my state had to offer. I had this emptiness in my life I couldn't fill with anything no matter how much I tried. (We're on good terms now though, she moved on found a guy who could cater her needs and love her).


A midst all the chaos, the reason I'm writing this, appeared. We had met in unforeseeable circumstances and since that day it had been difficult to get her out of my mind. During an event in my college we had just bumped into each other and we just started talking. One thing led to another and I started to let go of my ex, it wasn't easy but if she hadn't been there I probably would have been a mess even now. I slowly became overwhelmed by her, her presence, her words, she was on my mind for hours and I started forming links in my head. She was perfect, I could not look at anyone or anything else. Then one day she started drifting away and I started panicking, I couldn't lose someone again. I started getting clingy and I have a feeling she didn't appreciate that. It ended with me confessing my feelings to her (first girl I ever confessed to) and she didn't feel the same way. Now once again I felt lost but this time I didn't try to float out , I swam and swam deeper into the realm of my consciousness till I found what I was looking for. It was a little box which once I opened it contained the goals I had, the dreams I had and how badly I wanted them to be true. Next thing I know I have picked up many goals my grades in college will be increasing and I'm happy (or at least on that path) and it's all because of the Delhite who couldn't swear. I always believed that God didn't love me and that was why I could never be successful in the love department but now I realized why it happened. It was to remind me to love myself more than anyone else so I don't have to go out to seek love. I still believe my story with the Delhite has a few more chapters in store. But now I want to become the best, I finally found the drive I had spent my whole life looking for. Thank you for reading this, I hope this inspires you to try for higher reaches .

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