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The world around is in a state of decay, we do not know what chemicals we are breathing in, the air is filled with toxins that we cannot see. we are fighting a losing battle. pollution is here to stay.

Submitted: April 19, 2017

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Submitted: April 19, 2017



I feel the world looks blindly on this great planet we dwell upon

But one can’t tell for sure

It’s a sublunary image that pays homage to an ideal world

 One that behind all of its beauty, it makes our toes curl

You say sublime

I say slime, and toxic waste, fisheries that dwindle year after year and clear cutting our natural rainforest and that’s just for starters, pollution? Don’t get me started and don’t get me wrong I’m no martyr. I’m just doing my bit, the trick is to keep at it, don’t just do it for a week and quit thinking you’ve done your bit and you’ve achieved your environment fix because  that just won’t cut it


Pollution, needs dilution, my conclusion

Aeroplanes spew toxic chemicals directly into our atmospheres

Rockets spew it into our stratosphere

So let’s be clear

Who’s the biggest contributor to the O zones decline?

Yes cars and factories have a small percentage, but don’t be pretentious

If we all did our bit and stuck at it the world would be a better place

And the human race would save face because with each passing year we cry more tears

Our planet is dying, save it now so that our future generations have a home and a place to grow

Sow the seeds of hopefulness, water them and watch them grow to fruition

So let’s join hands and petition


Let’s be conquests of time, we can’t rewind it, but we can slow down it’s decline

Time is something we are running out of and in our present state it will soon be too late because time won’t matter, it will be irrelevant for a number of reasons and no longer will we see a change of seasons

The world what we once knew will have ended and all because we pretended to care

I’m just a realist willing to do my bit, so make our world profit not deficit

Just do your bit and enjoy it

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