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Daily struggle to be trapped within the dark walls of the dungeon and the beasts watching your every move. While you struggle with the panic of the other victims and the constant ringing, you cant help but feel a sense of suffocation from the tight air in the room ...

Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



"The Office"


As we all sit here, in this cold dungeon, pondering on whether we should scream or make a run for it when the old iron gate opens. But i am just going to stay here and rock side to side silently as the lights on the flat box, the beasts call a screen, flickers on and the buzzing noises that ring in my ears slowly drive me insane.

There it goes again, the ringing!

It happens every 5-10 minutes. Sometimes I cant tell if its in my head or if the rock of plastic sitting next to me, is calling me so again I sit in silence and watch and wait till it stops.

Every now and then the other victims yell over each other, screaming for answers.


The gaurds that were left in charge are just as hungry for freedom as we, the victims are, and so we keep screaming and yelling and the gaurds keep ignoring us as to say that we do not matter.  Then the air gets so tight in this little dungeon that the gaurds bury their heads in the paperwork trying to escape the fire from us...

Silence ...

It fills the room and then the BEASTS walk in and we all hide away in our little corners. Hoping they dont see us. Every now and then we try to sneak a little chat of HELP messages to each other but it is impossible to even breath ...


You know when its nearing the end of the day when the beasts stop terrorising us and start to fade into the darkness until eventually they disappear, and then you look through a little hole in the wall and the sun is growing smaller and smaller.

The gaurds are nicer to the victims and the day seems easier - then its just us!! Its time girls - its time to leave!!

The gate, the iron gate that has locked us up for the whole day, finally releases itself and what seemed like a lifetime we crawled out from our little corners and walked through the rusty old iron gates and all of a sudden the air is clearer, and we the victims are FREE!!



For today anyway ,,,


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