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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
close your eyes and imagine if you will, a spooky wood with a fog covered floor, now add a beast that's hunting you with the power to manipulate his surroundings.

Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



I’m lost 
No bearings sway my way 
No direction to save the day  
So I enter the eerie woods 
and let’s just say I’m scared 
and that’s just from the sounds I’ve heard
this was no bird 
well not one that I’ve ever heard

I continued on 
the bright white light that shone down from above 
gave me a little bit of love, but not much 
I could see, but just barely 
As it lit the way like a candle being dimmed 
Before being extinguished and no longer lingered 

I walked on 
The ghostly mist that covet the ground 
That moved mysteriously 
And  made no sound 
Had my heart beating 
Like a greyhound 

Strange noises surround 
Yet I see nothing 
Just trees and ground 
The culprit can’t be found

That night was cold 
And through these old bones 
In my short trench coat 
I felt its icy embrace 
Succumb my warm face 
I removed my scarf from my pocket
And wrapped it around my neck, then on I trekked 
Trying not to upset, the gas like pockets that spewed 
An unpleasant smell into the nights dense air
Which seemed to dance with flair 
then disappear with the nights air 


 I spin to see two huge red eyes staring back through the thick bracken 
I’m paralysed , I cannot move and stare back at those eyes so huge 
I wished I could get these damn shoes to move 
I’d be out of here, like I was wearing running shoes

I hear a whisper 
That eerie sound didn’t mess around 
It succumbed my senses, left me defenceless 
While wild vines from the ground wrapped around my ankles 
 And dragged me down to the ground
And pinned me down 


I stared from my unfortunate position laid on my back 
I move my head to the sound of the cracking branches that sounding 
Like burning wood, yet there was no flame to blame

I gulp 

The culprit stood six foot tall, long sharp claws 
And a wall of thick brown fur covered him from head to toe 
I was fastened stuck, out of luck, 
I look around for something to throw 
But my eyes fall empty 
The floor has plenty yet nothing heavier enough 
To move the opposing force that stood staring 
Making my blood run cold as if icy barbs caught inside my veins 
and cut against my thin membranes like razor blades

 It moves closer, 

The cold shivers that ran down my spine
Felt less than sublime causing goose bumps to rise 
I felt the fear set behind my thick set brown eyes
And tried not to cry in case it sensed my fear 
I thought this is it I’m going to die 

This wasn’t my ideal thought of death 
I’d rather die in my bed 
Fall asleep and let deaths hands creep 
And finally reap
While I drift away in deep sleep

But no that won’t be 
I’m laid upon the frosted ground 
Tied down my vicious vines 
That have my body well and truly bound 
 It’s grip tight, from its unearthly  bound

Its, breath is warm yet cold at the same time 
And smells a bit like pinecones 
An aroma that roams up and around my clothes
Comes to rest inside my nose 
Damn pinecones

I feel cold flesh brush against my cheek 
I let out a quite trump with a gentle squeak 
As its cold nose sniffs its way towards my feet 
Inside I’m screaming eeeeeeek!
While on the outside I try and turn the other cheek 

I gulp, the lump rolls up and down my throat

Sharp teeth dig deep into my leg  
I exhale as it vigorously shakes my leg 
Like a rabid dog shaking its favourite ted  

I had no excuses has the pain induces 
My body to convulse 
And introduce 
A sickly smell 
As my throat does swell
Then out my mouth 
A foul river did flow 
inside in hope my body does beg 
that this be over quick 
I don’t wish to see my own blood drip 
Or see this monstrous beast sip 
On the blood I long to keep hold of
With a tight grip 


I frantically stare towards the sound 
But see no movement 
Nothing around 
Then I hear a familiar sound 


I see the double barrel poke through the thick brush 
Its sight delights as it catches pale moon light 
I close my eyes  and wish the beast a fond good night 


Both barrels expel their loads 
And in their wake a ghostly smoke rose 
 And in the air the beast groans float 
and pierce my ears 
while its blood smears my face 
I know cry blood filled tears 


I look to by left, through crimson Vaselined eyes 
Look to the beast that that now writhes in agony and pain 
I look to hole that’s now pierced in its brain 
While its blood drips like strawberry rain

I feel a warm hand 
Now know that I’m saved 
Forever grateful to this man so brave  
The vines that held me down 
Now wither and disappear beneath the ground 
The beast now dead, no longer makes a sound 

The coffin in my head dissipates 
Sorry grim reaper 
I’m going to be late for our date
Death wasn’t my fate 
It’s not my time to stand outside those pearly gates 
Heaven will have to wait 

© Copyright 2018 J A OVERTON. All rights reserved.