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second part to the faceless man

Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



From the depths of hell
His pupae did dwell, fierce fires burned all around 
And now the time has come to pass to bring mayhem to our land 

And so this pupae filled with hate  releases what’s deep within
And on this world born once again is known as the faceless man

He wears a hat upon his head, black shoes upon his feet
Long bony arms and manky teeth, a suit from head to feet  
He speaks with a lisp, without moving lips, a vision to astound 
But if you hear him speak just once you’d end up in the ground 

You see this man who dresses like a business man isn’t all that one might see 
You wouldn’t see him in a bright red suit and you wouldn’t want to sit on his knee 
That I assure you most definitely.

Now once a year that comes to pass he has to feed his need  
It doesn’t matter who you are age, colour, race or creed 
He  must feed and you will bleed!

His teeth are sharp to rip your flesh, 
Hands strong to break your bones 
And in that lisp with  that he chants will chill you to the bone 

He is a master of the arts,
the art of inflicting pain 
And if you see him, runaway, fast, back down that lane 

Cause if you stare into his soul, he’s sure to  drive you mad
The only way to kill this man is a bullet to the head 
But trust me when I say dead is not necessarily  dead
He’ll return to hell with that awful smell 
And the process will begin again. well
Until then! when he will rise again.

© Copyright 2019 J A OVERTON. All rights reserved.

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