christmas horrors

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when you sit filled with joy and open your presents on christmas day spare a thought for the less fortunate.

Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



In a house on Christmas day 
Children run around and play 
Open their presents 
Then play with their gifts 
Cares and woes seem to drift 
Whilst on the other side of town 
A little boy sits and frowns 
His arms and legs are brutally bruised 
His mind is lost 
His mood subdued 
His body lacks the nutrients of food 

He cowers when he hears his door creak 
He dare not speak 
No not a peep 
Urine lies around his feet 
Faeces lies upon his clothes
The smell so bad he holds his own nose 

His Christmas gift is that of pain 
His tears fall down, like sheets of rain 
Beaten daily, defeats his brain 
the torments written on his face 
as he looks to his tormentors eyes 
and with a CRACK!  He lets out a cry 

Violently shaken until his vision blurs
Thrown around and then down the stairs 
Kicked and punched until bones break 
I hear you cry 
That’s enough for heaven’s sake 
Thrown around like a rag doll 
Burnt with cigarettes, this boys in hell 

The Christmas and the life you love 
Most are filled with joy and love
This little boy knows not of any 
All he knows is pain a plenty 
The years go on, the abuse continues 
His body thin, from weight that’s dwindled

 All his Christmases meld into one 
His mind subdued, his vision gone
A detached retina was his gift 
This Christmas day, from a closed fist
He knows of no other, so nothing is missed 

This little boy who has endured so much 
Now has to walk with the aid of a crouch 
his tormentor says he fell down the stairs 
a broken leg from slipping on the stairs 
next  year his present might be heaven 
he doesn’t make the age of seven 

His tormentor came home intoxicated 
Beat him until he drew his last breath
Blood dripped down from the back of his head 
We don’t know what happens behind closed doors 
Until we hear on the news about a little boy who was beaten 
And left to die alone on the floor. 

© Copyright 2018 J A OVERTON. All rights reserved.

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