We mere mortals

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Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



A barrage of arrows descend from the sky 
Seen from the ground with a naked eye 
Run as you may, they will out run your stride 
Try as you may, there is no place to hide
The gods of Olympus let those arrows fly 
Look above as they descend from the sky 
No place to run, wipe the tears from your eyes 
Your tears are wasted, they don’t hear your cries 
They don’t hear your question to the reason of why 

The arrows fall in their thousands, tipped  with a deadly poison 
So many now dead, so many have fallen
Some writhe in agony with a poisoned arrow in their back 
Others lie dead, flat out on their backs
Others lie still pretending to be dead 
But the gods of Olympus are not brain dead 
They can see the soul leave the body, of the fallen and pledge

So down from Olympus they descend to slay the rest of the pretenders 
 They are no longer the gods of our defenders 
They are sick of the hash we have made of our lives 
They are sick of bailing us out when we get into strife 
They’ve watched from Olympus our entire lives 
They’ve seen it all from murder to adulterous wives 

They’ve seen the death and the famine  
Wars come and go 
They watched as the strong winds they sent then did blow 
Destroying hundreds of houses maiming and killing 
Probably why some were home in their kitchen 
But sins aren’t forgiven

The arrows were sent as a gentle reminder 
Look to your neighbour, try and be kinder 
Help the unfortunate, not as fortunate as yourselves 
Pay the man on the corner, give your loose change 
He had a life before this 
So please lay no blame 

The errors in humanity, they see as profanity 
They don’t understand our idealistic ways 
They don’t understand, how we get through day to day 
They think we are mere mortals and yes that may be right 
But think of the strength we would wield if the whole world unites 
Then we would be stronger and together we could fight 

Wipe out oppression, in one fail swoop 
Then together the world we’d recoup
Live our lives daily, wholesome and good 
No longer see streets run with wasted red blood 
The gods would be happy once and for all 
And together as a nation we could stand tall 
And no longer would our brothers and sisters fall 
We wouldn’t have to answer to Olympus’s call 

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