You, the creator

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your imagination is endless

Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



You  could build a better paper world 
A world where A4 roads lead to portrait  landscapes 
Where paper mashie streams lead to paper mashie oceans 
Where paper mashie fish swim in abundance 
Where little paper fishermen casts their nets far and wide 
Trying to catch the paper fish that try and hide 

Or perhaps 
a world turned upside down 
a portrait of little paper  people’s faces 
Little paper offices with little paper bosses 
Little spectacled receptionists quoting 
Little people phrases

Or maybe 
Little  paper  cats and dogs 
Or maybe even cardboard frogs 
Sat on floating corrugated logs 
Catching little paper buzzing flies
As they fly on idly by

Or how about 

Little paper fairgrounds
With  paper roller-coasters 
Constructed from little paper clips 
Little paper merry go rounds 
Where little paper people sit 
Or little paper coconut shies  where little  paper balls hit 
Or little paper bumper cars  that bump and grind then sit 

Or finally 

Little paper people politics  
With their idealistic points of view 
But the difference with this government
They promise what they do 
And homelessness and poverty would be a thing of the past 
and the little paper folded planes 
and carefully constructed tanks 
would be recycled into in to little paper planks 
and constructed into  homes built from money from the paper banks 

In closing 
no more paper wars where paper planes would soar 
and paper missiles would not fly because they wouldn’t have been created 
aragarmi soldiers with their tiny paper hands would now become just paper 
you see in the paper world anything can be constructed 
your imagination is endless 
create a better world  seen through the eyes of you the creator

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