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Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



The sky dark with feathered wing, but no bird in the sky does sing 
They just ring out an awful caw, as the black mass dives, towards the floor 

Down , down they dive, swooping on unaware, passer byes 
People run, scared for their lives, some even try and hide 
From the deadly feathered mass, from the northern skies

Their attack is without mercy, relentless, unearthly 
people duck down low, frozen on the spot, with no place left to go 

They attack in formation, in a coordinated attack
 Swooping down, knocking off peoples hats 
They are like a plague of rabid bats 

Hands are placed in front of their face, as relentlessly they are chased 
all over the place, trying to protect their face, but their defence is in wasted haste 

Black winged bird from the sky, flutters wings, amidst loud cries
lands on their heads,  uses large strong beak to pummel heads 
blood, and puss start to stream out, “a smorgasbord”  the others shout 

The others hear the deathly caw, saying “feed now, one and all 
And one by one they join in, this smorgasbord they all dig in 

They use their beaks to break through the skin, ripping out all that dwells within 
Flesh, and sinewy veins, ripped from inside their brains
intestines pulled from their bowls, the smell that leaves them is quite foul

Eyes are pulled amidst screams and shouts , pulled yet not all the way out 
dangling  on membraned thread, dangling , swing from side of head 
their occupant now lies down dead,
brain matter runs from the open cavity 
life now ended, just depravity 

They attack, and attack, they hold nothing back,
the town is covered in a mass of feathered black, 

Their deathly call fills the air, wide eyes stare from frosted glass 
The defence is about to come a thing of the past 

People no longer run around, no more screams , can be found 
bodies dead lie on the ground 
No more food to be found, they look to the reflective glass, open wings wide 
And make their first deadly pass 

They attack in droves, spider cracks start to form, splintering down the glass 
As they continue their assault on their new enemy , this pane of glass
 How much longer will this onslaught last? 

Crash, crash again they charge the fragile window pane 
The eyes locked behind the glass,  scared now as the black mass makes another pass

Suddenly the glass gives way, spider cracks release their chatter 
the glass under constant force does shatter

People run around like headless chickens 
As the black mass takes over their kitchens 

Bodies pile upon the floor 
Trampled being squeezed through narrow door 
Blood now covets the wooden floor 

The smell of blood now fills the air 
Sends the ravens into a frenzy, food for thought 
Theirs more than plenty 

They use their mass to pin them down, Seconds later no one makes a sound 
The black mass just swirls round and round 
Like a black tornado, one goal in mind
Human extinction

The town no more, bodies laid out on their backs
Pecked to death, bloody hands and feet 
Holes punched into dainty cheeks 
Eyes removed, empty sockets 
Now the head sports a pair of bloody pockets 

Suddenly the sky goes black, no food, they no longer need to attack 
Open wings which sprout from their back 

They Spread wings wide, all and sundry take to the sky 
Onto the next village they will go, to bring death and destruction 
From the air to the ground below. 

© Copyright 2018 J A OVERTON. All rights reserved.

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