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Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



I was scared
My vision blurred 
Shadows passed in front 
Hazing in and out 
Of my peripheral vision 

The dimly lit room I found myself in 
was damp, the smell musky 
the walls crusty and peeled easily 
when I applied a little pressure with my fingernails 
and scratched back and forth  

I watched the hands of the clock 
Rotate anti clock wise 
On the opel face 
The ticks and the tocks 
Sounded like miniature bombes 
Exploding in my ear drums 

The steel chain that restrained my wrist 
Grew heavy 
So heavy
I thought my hand might 
snap away from my arm 

I tried to remain calm 

A cold shiver slipped down my spine 
Goose bumps protrude and rise 
Like an army readying for battle
My fine black hairs their guns

My heart skips a beat 

The faint sound of footsteps 
Tapped against the veneer floor above me 

Silence followed 

It was as if they were listening to me 
Listening to them 


Sweat poured from my brow,
 trickled down my cheeks 
Carving a path through the picturesque landscape
 that I had created only hours before 
my heart beat faster than ever before 
it didn’t beat this fast ever
even if I’d been for a five mile run 

Heavy footsteps bound down the steps 
I swallow hard
My mouth dry
It’s painful 


The door flies open 


It hits the wall with some much force 
that huge clumps of plaster crash onto the floor 
I swallow hard again
Forgetting the pain before 
From the sore that bore its way into my throat 

I choke 

The huge shadowy figure now stood in the doorway 
Makes me choke on what saliva I had left in my mouth 
Spittle flies forth and sprays the space in front of me 

I can finally see

The macabrely dressed figure stood watching 
Wore a blood stained butchers apron
In his left hand a six inch butchers knife 
Sparkled as it caught the light behind him 

I’m dead for sure 

I saw my life flash in front of me 
My past and present flashed before my eyes 
Some of those memories 
Left tears streaming 
Carving more paint from my face
As if removing my disguise

I’m not going to lie 

The towering shadowy figure 
Made me pee myself 
I tried to hold it back 
I didn’t want to be more 
Uncomfortable than I 
Already was 

But it flowed 

The urine seeped out as a trickle 
As I squeezed to keep it within

I couldn’t win 

I squeezed my buttocks together 
But its no use 
The trickle  
No longer a trickle 
With no choice 
I relax my buttocks 
And let the urine 
On its adventurous journey 

Away it goes

It seeps through my pants and snakes 
Its way around and down my inner thigh 

I could die 

If I’d been anywhere else 
The embarrassment t would have killed me

Please don’t film me 

I see the red light blinking
From an object in his other hand 
I knew it was some mobile device 
I bet he was getting a rise 

He sighs 

The red flashing light disappears
And he places the object into his pocket 

This is it 

He swishes the knife left to right 
In front of my face in a threatening manner 
I see my own reflection looking back 
Through the cold steel

I squeal 

I feel the cold steel being forced against my throat
Along with sporadic gentle nudges

He’s nicked my skin 
The crimson beads that now race down my neck 
Makes me beg for my life 
I don’t want to die 

I cry 

Tears fall in abundance 
My disguise is almost gone 
Wish I could run 

Pins and needles 

I extend my legs 
Razors cut from within my veins  
As blood surges back to the parts I had 
Disallowed before 

This is it 

The cold steel still pressed into my throat 
Sang with a wisp  as the huge figure
Slid the knife across my throat 
With lighting fast precision

He’d done this before 

Blood sprays out from the freshly cut wound 
I choke as my life force is pumped from my body 
As if being forced though a high pressure hose 
I raise my hand to stem the flow 
But it just sprays between the crevices in my fingers

A numbness lingers 

My eyes start to close 
No fight left in me 
My internal organs start to fail 
From lack of blood 
My eyesight’s the last to go 
They start to flicker 
Then just as they are about to close 
He cuts off my head
It rolls across the floor 
And for a brief second 
I stare back at my own headless 

© Copyright 2018 J A OVERTON. All rights reserved.