The story of lonely man

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Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



The story of lonely man.

His loneliness started half a year ago. When his wife left him. She said: “I’m tired of you. I’m tired to live with you”. And she went away. He, as a cultured man, did not argue with her, even if with his wife it went away the sense of life. He just was not able to go against her. The first months were not easy as everything inside of the house was saturated with the perfume of her. But time by time the smell of alcohol and smoke of cigarettes killed it. He started to get used to live without her. He even started liking to live alone. Nobody asks to change the channel. Nobody leaves hairs on his hairbrush. Nobody tells to take out the trash. Nobody asks why he was so late from work.  Nobody is ironing his clothes. No one cooks for him. No one loves. And, probably, did not love, even if the clothes were ironed and lunch was cooked. He kicked her cat and the house became in his own. That damn cat just knew to remind him about existence of his wife. The ex-wife, to be more exactly. Time by time it everything was set in own places. He worked, met with friends, went to play football, drank beer. And impatiently waited for a vacancy.

But after the third day of vacancy he found out that he did not know what to do. And everything in home reminded her. The home had too much time to penetrate into the head, poison the new thoughts and fill the old ones again. The past grabbed him again and went right through the body deeper and deeper with his long clutches. For a minute, he regretted that he had kicked the cat: even if the cat was silent he always listened to him. But, damn him, it will not die. In ten days it will start the work and everything will be good as before.

Once he left a book on the table and went to prepare a cub of coffee. In the meantime, the wind flipped some pages of the book.

“Oh, Konstantin, don’t do it, come on!” – he told to a book of Konstantin Paustovsky.

And the wind blew again, like if it was excusing, to find the right page of the book. He liked so much that action that he said to the wind: “Good, Winny! Good!”.

Since that day his loneliness became to reduce. In one day it appeared Saul, when it was broken his sofa.

“Saul, you disappoint daddy. What’s happened today with you? Let’s stay good!”

And Saul became fixed and he went to sleep. He never came in the bedroom where he slept with his wife. He pretended to forget about existence of that room.

The next day he decided to take a walk around the park. The weather was good, even if it was grey. He was walking, smoking, looking at dogs and their nice owners.

“It’s even a different feeling to read in the fresh air” – he said to a young woman, sitting down next to her at a bench. Unwilling she interrupted her reading and looked at him.

“Yes. I like morning time”.

“Me too”.

He kept quiet not to make an impression that he talked with her because he liked her. Let her think that he does not need anything else but just a part of the bench taken by her. For a minute they were testing who had stronger nerves and then he thought that it was a bad manner if he won against woman and decided to start a conversation. They were talking but it started the rain.

“I live in front of the park. Let’s go, you will get wet”.

Strangely, she agreed soon. They came in, drank hot tea in the kitchen. It was a big kitchen and from the windows, they could see the park where they were walking. After they came in the hall, she sat on the sofa and he on the armchair in front of her. She was excitedly explaining something but he was not able to listen to her. He hardly controlled himself just not to throw her away from the sofa. Finally, he could not stand it anymore and he stood up.

“Sorry, can you please stand up from Saul?”.


“…stand up from Saul? Oh! What am I talking… from the sofa?” - he realized how much he seems stupid and he tried to justify himself: “Sorry, just this sofa needs to be fixed, it’s a bit broken… The boy, names Saul, fixed him before”.

“Ah, surely” – said the woman, she changed her place sitting on the armchair and continued talking her story.

But he could not listened to her again. He was not calm. He was constantly changing poses and his sight always was coming back to her armchair. To distract himself he decided to smoke without exiting on the balcony. She noticed something strange in him and she thought, perhaps, she needed to go away. Moreover, the rain had stopped. He exited with her, took a taxi for her and came back home.

“Oh my god!!! My dear! Forgive me, please! I am so sorry! I promise you, nobody will sit on you anymore! And you, Arnold! You, forgive me too!” – said him, hugging the armchair.

Every day in his apartment there appeared new and new names. The best friends were Saul, Tim and Ramon. With them he spent the time more than with whoever else. Sometimes he was angry with Tim because he was showing just the stuff. And sometimes he threw Ramon to him. Ramon was not offended, as he put the batteries back into him that he was losing in the fall, he worked again and switched channels from one stuff to another again. Soon the best friends replaced the whole World. He did not exit from his home at all. Teague cooked tea and from Cady he drank the tea.

“Teddy! What a mess! Breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs, breadcrumbs!” – he angrily said to the table. “Dina is tired to clean after you! Look at her! She’s become so old and poor! Sorry, Dina, I’m forced to throw you away. I’m tired of you. I’m tired to live with you”.

And he threw away dishcloth into Bill.

“And you, Bill, should take out your stupidities yourself! You are only able to smell bad”.

He came in room, laid down on Saul and turned on Tim. And then he found out that Ramon had disappeared somewhere. He looked under Saul, under Arnold, he even came out to Bernard where were a lot of smoked cigarettes, but even on the balcony he did not find Ramon. Damn it, where he could disappear, he could not understand. Someone knocked at the door and he shuddered and was scared of unknown sound. Without clothing any shirt he opened the door and saw that woman from the park.

“Oh… It’s you”.

“Hm, yes, sorry I’ve not adverted to come, - she started confusing. “I was just passing by and thought… to come to you”.

“Come in, come in, but here is… a bit of mess. But, you know, actually I think I need to take a walk, don’t you mind?”

“Sure, you seem somehow… sick”. 

“Nothing serious, I just have insomnia. I didn’t sleep at night and fell asleep in the afternoon” – he lied because it was uncomfortable: he looked always in that way.

They exited and he tried to remember for how long he had not been inside. She tried to interrupt the silence but it was not something awkward for him. The farther he was from home the more worried he became. Where could disappear Ramon? Or even he was tired of him, tired to live with him and he decided to get the hell out of here? And how is Saul right now there? Hasn’t he left Teague on the fire? God! Perhaps, Cady is getting mad without him now! Okay with Arnold, he never loved him as well as Cady. And dear Ashton! Probably, he’s missing his smoking cigarettes… No, that all was too worrying. He asked a friend to excuse him and he came back. It turned out that Ramon had covered himself into the blanket and was hiding there. The owner calmed down, laid on Saul and turned on Tim, for long blaming Ramon for his recklessness.



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