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Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



Sully is a dragon,
in fact  the last dragon of his kind 
His previous ancestors have been wiped out
Because mankind was so blind 

Now sully is a herbivore
he doesn’t eat any kind of meat 
Green leaves and vegetables 
are this dragons  only treat 
And after chasing many sheep,
and running his scaly legs  ragged  
he’s exhausted and needs to sleep 
on rocks that are sharp and jagged

Now sully was just a baby,
no bigger than a cow
he didn’t moo
he just said achoo, achoo
and blew fire from his mouth 

Now on this red hot summers day 
while he slept peacefully 
through the day  
a visitor from afar
Heard a story 
From a local bar 
Telling of a dragon 
That slept through the day 
And only came out at night to play 

So believing all the stories 
that he had been told 
that killing poor old sully 
his stories would be told 
and enters sword in hand  
feeling brave, quite bold 

Now sully despite all of his faults 
He was not a violent dragon 
he loved to play and sleep all day 
and wouldn’t hurt a fly 
instead he liked to
leap, jump and run
he was a playful dragon 
when all said and done

Now on this red hot summers day 
the knight thought he was brave 
enters poor old sully's cave 
with intent to slay this prey 
sees him sleeping soundly 
in the middle of the day 

This gallant knight of nobility 
saw his chance to strike 
lifted his sword 
and struck a chord 
as his blade caught 
the  light 

Poor old sully didn’t die instantly 
he opened just one eye 
rolled onto his back 
letting out a mighty cry 
and asked the knight 
“oh why, oh why?”

The knight looked on bemused 
scratching his head 
feeling sorry for the dragon 
for soon he would be dead  

he’d never met a talking dragon 
this left him quite confused 
so sits by sully’s side 
puts his head into his hands
and begins to cry

the answer to your question 
he replies, with a solemn sigh 
“is, I have no reason why”
Wish I hadn’t listened to the stories 
Instead, opened up my eyes 
Then you, my  poor dragon 
Would still be alive 

He rubs poor old sully’s head 
and stays with him until 
the light fades from his eyes 
then using  his two fingers 
he  closes sully’s eyes
turns to face the exit 
and lets out a sigh
"wish i knew why"  

Now the moral to this story is 
don’t judge something by how it looks 
poor old sully didn’t stand a chance 
as he was just a pup 
now his mother on the other hand 
now that’s a different story 
if she had been alive today 
she would have had all the glory  
and gobbled the knight right up  
he wouldn’t have stood a chance 
and if he'd come face to face 
with her  
he would have definitely
pooped his pants.

© Copyright 2019 J A OVERTON. All rights reserved.

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