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This is a story about me and my childhood

Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



 There once was a little girl that had messy blue hair and was sitting in the center of her room hugging a stuffed panda. As her brown eyes looked at the door hearing her parents arguing, she had knew that they were fighting as she heard her father saying “I should've never had kids because all they do is make messes and draw on the wall.” As she heard the large  footsteps heading up the stairs she hold her stuffed panda bear close to her while the footsteps getting closer.The door then flanged open and the overweight father was standing right there in-front of the doorway in one hand he was holding a textbook he then shouted “stupid little girl u could never do anything right.” her mom told her father to stop but he ignored her and grabbed Jane by the collar of her shirt while the dad was dragging her down the hallway she was scared so she start to kick and screaming and trembling. Her dad then throw her in the garage and raised the textbook and shouted “THIS IS FOR DRAWING ON MY WALLS.”

Years passed,Jane is now 14 years old. Like usual she was sitting on the floor having her music full blast for she won’t be able to hear her family anymore and she was drawing with a little bit of gore in it. When she is drawing and listening she feels like everything around her has disappeared and it's just her and nobody could hurt her but once her headphones are removed she is back into reality where she has to face everyone. Jane hears a big bang and that snaps her off her imagination and back to reality when she looks up she sees it's her brother yelling at mom and jane can't take it anymore so she puts her headphones back on and closes her eyes hoping it all goes away soon. Jane opens her eyes as she could hear her brother now shouting at her “what is it?” while not making any eye contact with him “WHY HAVEN'T YOU DONE ANY OF MY CHORES I DID PAY YOU RIGHT!NOW BECAUSE OF YOU DIDN'T DO MY CHORES I CAN'T GO OUT TONIGHT.””i’m sorry”Jane says while having tears streaming down her “I’ll do right now” she starts to get up while her brother pushes her back down and says “you're never good to do anything.”


  3 a.m on a school night. The girl that is known as jane is now 16, jane's eyes started to get heavy and the only thing in her mind was to go to sleep so she closed her laptop and focused her eyes on the darkness of her room. She then saw her old stuffed panda bear and started to remember all of the memories in utter silence tears started to fill her eyes so she blinked them out. “No more breaking” she said to herself but she continued to look at the stuffed panda bear “ what the fuck are you staring at” she simply said to the stuffed object but it just looked at her with its black beady eyes. She shock her head and got up and walked over to the stuffed panda and hugged it saying “ i...i’m sorry” some tears ran down her face and landed on the panda’s head.


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