George's Oddysee

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Another writing exercise! This time I am writing from the perspective of a young child. This story is set in 1997, and it centres around the discovery of a certain PS1 game...

Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



Crickets chirped rhythmically in the distance. Sparrows circled the air above. Outside a narrow, terraced house lined with a crumbling wall sat a small, stout boy of no more than four. Clutched in his left hand was his last chocolate bar. Half-melted, he battled with the sun to devour it faster than it could melt it.

The sun prevailed, emerging victorious whilst the loser was left with a sticky mess all over his hands and face. Not wanting to waste the deliciousness, he proceeded to lick it off his digits. He closed his eyes in satisfaction and mumbled in content.

A little while later, he pushed himself off the wall and meandered inside his home. It was much cooler here, out of sight of his enemy’s scintillating rays. An episode of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air played on the television screen, but it didn’t interest him. He flopped down onto a haggard beanbag and contemplated his short life thus far.

He was bored; so mind-numbingly bored. Each day whilst his siblings were at school, he was left in the care of his granddad. The man could not be called friendly, or loving. He was blunt, said few words, and more or less left George to his own devices.

As he sunk deeper into the abyss that was the beanbag, his yellowing vest rose above his portly belly. His gaze shifted upwards and a strange character caught his eye. A creature with pale, blue-green skin and large eyes gazed at him on the front of a Playstation disc. The disc sat discarded on the bookshelf, and it intrigued him.

What is this game? He had not seen his siblings play it before. With a monumental effort he heaved himself off the beanbag and ambled over.  His mouth formed the letter “O”. Ohh…Dee…Dee…

Knowing his own reading limitations, he decided the best course of action in investigating this game further, was to play it. He turned on the console and slipped the disc in. The Playstation logo appeared on the screen, and his heart quickened as he heard its jingle.

The screen went black.

After a few tantalising seconds, it panned to the inside of a cave. Then the opening sequence commenced.

It revealed a dark, gloomy world. A strange voice described how he was enslaved to a meat-processing plant, in a land called Oddworld. The creature’s name was Abe, and he was chained to the ceiling.

George was concerned. He gripped the game pad, unsure whether to continue. His curiosity got to the better of him and he stepped closer to the television. Breathing heavily, he listened to Abe divulge how the Glukkons were eating the Meeches, Paramites and Scrabs to extinction. His heart raced as he watched Abe eavesdrop on a Rupture Farm board meeting.

His eyes widened in horror. Abe discovered that his own species was the main ingredient in the Farm’s new product: the New ‘n’ Tasty!

A small wail escaped George’s mouth. He hid behind his hands as the bosses chased Abe away.

“I just had to escape. I just had to be free. And I didn’t even know…I had a destiny. So get me outta here!”, cried Abe.

“I WILL, ABE. I WLL!”, George yelled back.

With renewed determined, he dragged the beanbag half a metre away from the television and position himself down. Pressing X to begin a new game, he swore to himself that he would rescue Abe and all 299 of his colleagues. 

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