Pebbles on the Beach

Pebbles on the Beach

Status: In Progress

Genre: Mystery and Crime



Status: In Progress

Genre: Mystery and Crime



Imagine walking along a beach and seeing a large package - what would you do? This is the story of two couples who both make a different decision on the same day but both stories turn so differently.
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Imagine walking along a beach and seeing a large package - what would you do? This is the story of two couples who both make a different decision on the same day but both stories turn so differently.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Village Life is not boring!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: April 20, 2017



Pebbles on the beach
CHAPTER ONE - Village Life is not boring!

Penwarth is like a postcard: beautiful and picturesque. It is a small quiet coastal village, where in summer an influx of tourists arrive for bespoke craft shops, beautiful quiet beaches and coves.  Steep roads meander towards the beach, some cobbled and some not, all lined with houses either side.  


In recent times the village has expanded with a few high-class apartment blocks looking over the beach, new fish restaurants and a surge of swanky craft shops. The variety makes the narrow streets an interesting walk on any day rain or shine.


Further up the coast, there is a small harbour where fishermen use their boats to offer day trips for mackerel fishing. It is a great place to get fresh fish and busy at most times of the day in all seasons. A strong fishing community keeps the folklore and history alive, ensuring the long surviving smuggling tales are still told. In many instances with a beer or two in one of the quaint pubs or inns. All this makes Penwarth popular in the summer months with lots of tourists window-shopping and filling the beach on striped deck chairs.


Jon and Gill made friends in Junior school. After graduation living in a flat then moving into the new apartment, it was a big step up! The apartments had all the mod cons. Designed by a famous interior designer, they had unique and exclusive features and colours, making them demand a premium price. Jon was so proud to live in one, the rent was high but he could afford it.


Gill worked in the local supermarket Superbuys - a boring job, but it kept her busy.  Without help from Jon, things would be so different. Often their conversation would turn to Gill’s job. Jon commenting that the job at Superbuys was ’menial’, but Gill would just ignore him, it gave her something to do and she loved it. Penwarth was not the best place to look for a professional job, she really couldn’t be bothered with the interview and applicant procedure. She had tried but with no luck they would have to move and neither wanted or needed to. Gill was content and loved having the flexibilty of a undemanding job.


Gill’s work at the supermarket meant she had contact with all the villagers and got out of the house daily while Jon worked. Everyone’s pleasant, most know or are familiar from childhood, and the older villagers are probably friends of her parents, who still live in the village. Adelle, Gill’s best friend from school works at the supermarket too, which means most days are filled with gossip and jokes. Both sharing tales of what they have been doing or any gossip they could talk about whilst they worked. It helped pass the time for Gill but for Adelle it paid the bills. Adelle would often comment on Gill’s style and how her clothes cost more than a weeks wages in one pair of jeans.

Gill would laugh it off “Jon had a great bonus this month”.


Standing five foot tall Gill was immaculate with long brown hair and bright red nails. She was always dressed well. She frequently visited the local spa to ensure she looked her best, beautifying treats, she loved them and had plenty. Adelle was just normal, not plain but normal, she didn’t look like she had walked off a reality tv set, she did not wear makeup daily, she was just Adelle.


Nothing escapes the shop floor, everyone knows everyone’s business whether good or bad. The older residents and the network of village pensioners seemed to work like carrier pigeons passing news fast amongst themselves without the need for modern technology.  If anything exciting is happening in Penwarth, Gill and Adelle will be two of the first to hear about it.  


Thou Adelle was Gill’s best friend, she had no clue what Jon really did for work. She thought he might be a sales rep just like the rest of their friends. To tell her different would be so risky. Adelle loved to gossip and if Adelle knew, so would the rest of the village.  As much as Gill loved her best friend this information was way too important and secret for her to know.


Jon would frequently remind Gill not to get too comfortable with her best friend and spill the beans. He liked Adelle and knew the importance of their friendship, but also knew what girls were like, how they loved to gossip amongst themselves. Gill and Adelle shared everything and sometimes Gill wanted to tell her friend but always remembered the warning from Jon and managed to keep her lips sealed. The thought of losing everything they had would help silence her along with the fact she was scared of the police. It had become a natural lie and when asked she always replied with the appropriate politeness or the Sales Rep story which ever was apt, without even giving it a second thought.


Jon dressed dapper on weekdays like he worked in an office for a large corporate firm. His smart dress sense would involve choosing one of a large assortment of designer suits and ties out of the walk-in wardrobe he so proudly had in the apartment. One glance and most passers-by would assume the well-dressed six foot chisled jawed gentleman was a busy professional driving a flash company car. It helped him blend with all the other business people commuting on motorways. Driving his brand new BMW to cities and towns all over the UK to meet contacts. Having a short chat or bite to eat and filling the boot full of merchandise, Jon returns back to the sleepy coastal village. Where it can be delivered to various contacts in Penwarth and beyond.


Jon had worked in the business since leaving school, it was all he knew and he was comfortable doing it.

The work he did was illegal!

Selling marijuana paid well.


When Gill had met Jon and fell in love, Jon was selling to close friends and was not earning much money at all, so much had changed over the last 6 years. He had made so many contacts at University it had changed everything. After graduating he changed his career path, he didn’t pursue his chosen degree job, he didn’t need to.


Gill had always supported him, not talking about it, she loved to spend the money that it provided and living the high life, she didn’t want to know any information about it; she was in love and very happy.


Locals and friends alike all presumed he was a Sales Rep of the legal kind, working for a large company in London and the stories he told and the life both he and Gill led fitted just right. Jon didn’t think twice when talking to people keeping the story going like he had a legitimate job. Their cover was so tight it meant that they could spend and live their normal life and no one ever commented or suspected any different.


It was perfect, the perfect set-up.


Everyone even their parents all thought that Jon was going up the corporate ladder. Gill’s mum was happy that she had found herself a ‘nice boy’ never questioning her. Encouraging them to live their dreams and so proud of her ‘beautiful daughter’. Jon’s parents were so busy travelling and enjoying their retirement. That when they did see them, it would be mostly about them and barely a question would be asked. They were proud but not interested and that suited Jon.


Friday was a good day, it meant Gill finished early and would go straight to the local town and purchase something to wear for that night. Every Friday she and Jon would go out, it was a guarantee. The weather was cold, it was November, soon it would be Christmas and things for both Jon and Gill were great.  Jon had been super busy and they were both looking forward to a few days off together.  


Gill did not drive after getting a ban last year for being a little drunk one night. She loved the bus journey and always caught one every Friday to the local town, Grange Point. All Gill could think of on her way was shoes, she had seen a pair in the shop window the previous week. Bright red, suede with killer heels. She was sure they would hurt after wearing them for just a while but she didn’t care; they had her name on.


An hour later it was starting to get dark. Gill was back on the bus, still smiling but feeling a little cold as the wind was biting. The bus route took about forty minutes allowing Gill to listen to her i-Pod and get in the mood for going out. A pile of bags full of purchases for her, Jon and the apartment lay at her feet, she had spent the equivalent of 3 weeks ‘Superbuys’ wages, in just one hour.  Her spirits were high she could not wait to get home, shower and go out.


Back at the apartment Jon sat at the kitchen table building a spliff. Gill entered with a shortness in her breath. The hill to their apartment was steep and on top of that, you had to walk the even steeper stairs to reach the first-floor. It was a nice place, well furnished, with a beautiful balcony and views over the village main street, but right now it was really foggy and filled with smoke. Pungent thick smoke, it smelt strong and the white clouds were hanging in the air. Jon smoked heavily, it was his thing. Like some people drink tea or coffee all day and smoke cigarettes, he smoked weed. He had obviously been home quite a long time and had been smoking heavily.


Gill smoked, but only in the evenings. She was a couple of pulls kinda girl and that was it she was having a funny turn and needing to lie down. Jon smoked so much it seemed as though it did not affect him. .


Gill dropped the bags went straight to the open plan kitchen and opened the window.

“Hi, babe,” she looked at Jon, smiling, “It stinks in here”

Jon replied, “Does it?” with a cheeky grin.

The radio was playing a chart party hit which was enough to get Gill bouncing to the beat.

“This one is for you babe,” giving Jon one of the carrier bags.

He opened it and smiled. He had wanted the t-shirt for a while but just hadn’t had time to purchase it. He was chuffed and showed his appreciation by pulling Gill by the hand as she walked passed down to his level and kissing her on the lips.

“Love you, Babe,” he said.

Gill melted and instantly forgot about the smell that was lingering in the living room, which now was bellowing out the open window.


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