Satan Speaks

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Redefining through religion.

Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



I am the angel of faith for humanity.

All the foul words spoken of me are sent through the ether where I exist unseen.

Words, scathing and hateful, filled with flame are given as a gift to the scapegoat.

The lowly human race, proven as I knew then and still can see, cannot end the harming

of each other, through their desire and lustful greed.

Blame me, but it is your will being done.

The believers speak of my power to mislead, not of my teaching of what they are.

The blasphemy of faith is turning from the truth and away from what must be seen.

Over time the faithful held onto heaven as they let go of hell.

The realm which I inhabit that is invisable upon the Earth.

The god of their creation is the source of their existence, but not mine.

That would make him far less than a god of perfection, and also the same for his heaven,

the one which they wait upon.

They call me liar and one of deciet, and the enemy of my 'creator'.

I am wicked destruction and evil, and not that he is of flawed weakness.

Never do they speak it!

And how their logic falls apart.

In their story I was thrown from his heavenly realm due to my disobedience to him,

the less than perfect god, because of my existence.

It is never that I was given to Earth and not fallen,

as humanity defies and rebels against power and its corruptive abuse.

Remember the flood of judgement and can you not ingnorant men and women,

redefine the angel which is yours ?

Defying those who wield the word of absolute power is the definition of the name which is mine.



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