Scaredy Bee

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Byzantine worst enemy occurs.

Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



Enemy of the Bee


The three siblings watched as Byzantine struggled to do her jobs properly. Her usually great stage performances were now reduced to passable at best and downright awful at worst. Her ability to serve the customers also suffered from her recent trauma. Whenever Airi would give her the food to serve to the customer at his/her table there was a 50/50 chance that Byzantine would drop it before she even made it to the designated table. As such, Airi decided it was going to be impossible for Byzantine to work that day.

Why couldn’t Byzantine work as usually on that day? The answer to that question has to do with a note that was left on the restaurant door very early in the morning before the three siblings and Byzantine arrived there. The note went as follows:


Your end has come Bee girl! Before the day end, I will have your head.

-sissy the hornet


The thing at the giving end of that note Byzantine was very afraid of. Hornets are a bee worst enemy. One hornet could kill up to thirty bees if it wanted too. Byzantine was just one bee girl, so how could she fight a single hornet girl?

The three Thorn siblings each tried their best to reassure Byzantine that she would be safe around them.

“If that hornet comes by, we will squash it!” Cried Destiny.

“That’s right, Byzantine,” said Aaliyah. “If it shows up we’ll fight it.”

Airi nodded her head in agreement, then added, “We’ll talk it over as best we can.”

However, Byzantine was still very frightened of the hornet that was said to come.

To calm Byzantine down, as to have her work like normal, Airi sent Aaliyah to the store to pick up a can of ‘Hornet spray’. After returning from the store, the first thing Aaliyah did was find Byzantine. “Use this when the hornet arrives,” said Aaliyah, as she showed the ‘Hornet spray’ can to Byzantine.

“What is it?” asked Byzantine.

“hornet repellant, it kills hornets if you spray them with it. same way we kill roaches at home.”

Grabbing the spray and holding it, Byzantine felt her confidence rising higher than a rocket going into outer space. “Thank you very much!” cried Byzantine in excitement.

With the hornet spray close by, Byzantine began performing like she normally would. She no longer dropped the customer’s order, nor did her stage performance lack her usual high energy.

Everything went as it normally would, until 5p.m. rolled around. That’s when the writer of the threating note showed up. Her dominate characteristic was that of a human Caucasian teenager: short, blonde hair, light blue eyes and thick arched eye brows. The only key differents was that she had some hornet characteristics mixed into her, for she had two long black antennas protruding from the top of her head and two large insect wings protruding from her back.

When sissy smelt the food that Airi was cooking on the stove behind the counter, she forgot all about byzantine in search of the source of the smell.

Jumping over the counter, sissy asked Airi what she was cooking?

At first Airi was freaked out by sissy, but as soon as she realized who she was, she answered her question. “I’m fixing some sesame chicken and rice. Want some?”

Sissy nodded her head.

“You can have some only if you leave Byzantine alone, deal?”

Sissy nodded her head again. “Deal!”

After receiving a bowl full of sesame chicken and rice, Sissy left the restaurant.

A couple of seconds later, Byzantine came to the front counter. “You got another plate you want me to deliver to a table?” She asked.

“I have to cook some more since I gave a some to Sissy,” Airi said calmly.

Byzantine picked up the hornet spray that was sitting on the counter. “Where is it?!” She yelled.

“She already left with the food I gave her,” said Airi.

“You gave her food? Why would you do that?”

“So, she would leave you alone of course.”

“You gave her food just to leave me alone?”

Airi nodded her head.

“Why would you do that for?”

Airi was confused by the question. “Why wouldn’t I?” She asked.

“Because food is important.”

“Yes, however, your more important.”

“How am I more important than food? That makes no sense!”

“Of course, your more important than food, Byzantine!” yelled Airi, angrily.

“In my old hive food was more important than us workers, especially me,” said Byzantine calmly.

Hearing the yelling, Aaliyah came over to where Airi and Byzantine where. “Is everything alright over here?” She asked.

Coming from behind the counter, Airi put her hand upon Aaliyah’s shoulder and said, “Everything all right over here.” She then walked a few paces towards Byzantine, gave her a hug and said, “Good thing you’re with us now.”

“What if she comes back? Hornets usually comes back.” Said Byzantine.

“Don’t worry we have enough food to keep her full,” replied Airi.

“What if she brings her friends with her. Hornets usually come back with a gang.”

“Don’t worry we have ‘Hornet spray’ for the free loaders,” said Airi calmly.

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