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She's the last one on earth. She knows that she is. She's searched far and wide until finally coming to a conclusion that she is indeed that last one on the planet. So what was that knock at the door?

Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



The sky was a pale grey. Even in mid-day, it was this way. Elizabeth liked it though. The way the sun gently peaked through the thin clouds at times, causing them to have a beautiful silver lining. She liked it here, wide out in the open, because then she didn't feel so alone, because she was supposed to be, if that makes any sense. As the last living being on earth, she didn't have much options. Either stay out here where if there were people around they wouldn't bother her anyway, so she could just pretend that they're there even though they're not, or go out to a place which would usually be populated by many people which was completely empty now except for her. She would just feel weird, and alone. Completely and utterly alone. She she stayed out here. Where she had a small cabin for housing. At times she would go out to the nearby village to grab supplies and food, but mostly she stayed out here. Once she ran out, she decided, she would drive out to the city to find more. But for now, this was good. She had been on her own for a couple months now. About a week ago she moved out into the country where she didn't have to be reminded of the tragedy that took place. She tried cleaning up the dead bodies the best she could, burying as many as she could bear, then throwing the rest of them somewhere she wouldn't have to step over them. A few times she considered killing herself, but decided against it. This was just another challenge for her. As a former astronaut, she was used to challenges like this, maybe not as longstanding, but still difficult to overcome. Still, she had overcome them, every time. If she hadn't she most likely wouldn't be alive. Being an astronaut is actually what saved her life in the first place. While she was in space, a virus was released into the atmosphere of the earth that quickly spread killing every living thing in its wake. Luckily, some trees and other plants were able to survive, small insects too, most animals, especially larger ones, went extinct because of it, and no humans survived. On her way back to earth, her and her crew had entered the atmosphere, but having lost contact with NASA and the virus still in the air, lets just say her crew didn't make it. She just narrowly did. With the aid of her suit, she was able to survive until the virus passed. 

Once it started to get dark, Elizabeth decided it was a good time to go inside. She walked into the cabin and walked into the kitchen to make herself dinner. She whipped together some stew then went over to her living room where she cuddled up in a blanket with her wooden bowl full of the salty, chunky soup. She sat and ate in the silence watching the orangish sky as the silver linings disappeared, soon replaced by soft twinkling stars spanning over the inky black sky. When she finished her soup, she went back into the kitchen to clean her dishes then returned to the living room where she curled up with one of her many books. As she sat there reading, she suddenly heard a knock at the door. 

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