Underwater Evil

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - Shifters

Submitted: April 20, 2017

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Submitted: April 20, 2017



Veronica and Kate were going home from a café when a man bumped into them. He wore a hood and he said “Sorry, I have bad sight”

“That’s all right” Replied Veronica carefully, this man was odd, but good looking, with blond hair like Kate.

Later, they saw him again, the same guy. He was removing his clothes, then he morphed into a small fish.

“Oh my GOD!” said Kate.

They ran towards him and he looked at them with his fish eyes, he tried to escape but they have already grabbed hold of him. The man morphed back to human and looked at them carefully, “you must be joking, you were shifters all along?”

“Look, replied Kate, “We don’t know what just happened but tell us what’s happening!”

“You are shifters, I was sent, along with many millions to find lost shifters who have the power we have, shifting from animal to animal.”

“No,” Said Kate, how do you know we are shifters?”

“You can see me turn into a fish, usually, the sight of a human makes their brain think of something logical to replace the scene they saw.”

“So we aren’t humans!” Said Veronica, “Finally, I was hoping something exciting will happen in my life!”

“We are in trouble, an evil force is trying to destroy our underwater world! Our world much larger than yours, about 2 times bigger than the earth’s surface because we have depth.”

“Let us come with you!” Said Kate angrily, “I’m tired of secrets!”

I knew what she was talking about, her parents have turned into a dog once and she thought she was hallucinating, but actually, she wasn’t!

“Can shifters die?” I ask.

“The man look at us carefully, “Yes, only if one is killed by old age, shifters only die from old age.”

“But my parents weren’t old! They were young! 32!” Shouted Kate

“Shifters can only give birth when they themselves were about to die.” Answered the man calmly. “By the way, my name is Jerome, I’m 122. Shifters die on about the age of 1000. Luckily, I still have years ahead of me, even if I am a young adult.”

He walked over to the area he was in.

“We shifters were made to live underwater, or on land. We can breathe on both. But since humans had inhabited the world above, we get the sea, which isn’t bad. Follow me. I want you to change into fishes and swim into the ocean, follow me until we reach the area, I will go slower. Also, you can only change into salmons, because whenever you practice, you can become bigger animals, like elephants. No one ever became an elephant, or a shark. That will take thousands of years of practice, but we only get 1000.”

He slowly changed into a tuna fish, and flopped into the sewers. Kate and Veronica looked at each other, they could only follow. They imagined themselves as fish, and soon they are off.

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