Had I Been A Peaceful Fighter

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We need peace with all human beings around us.

Submitted: April 21, 2017

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Submitted: April 21, 2017



Had I Been A Peaceful Fighter


Had I been a peaceful fighter 1

I’d carry my gun

And daily sit in the sun

Only near the sea

For everyone to see


Had I been a nonviolent fighter 6

I’d certainly need a gun

I would have lots of fun

And wouldn’t shoot anyone

Because I love everyone


A passive warrior had I been 11

A gun, I would need

For no living creature I would kill

But help communities build a mill

To make my people keen


Had I been a diplomatic fighter 16

I would need a gun

That no person would fear

For that is a pacific gun

That is not disgraceful


The harmless gun I would carry 21

Would make me a people’s soldier

That would close the hole

At my gun’s nose

To bring peace to the world.


Poem by Theophile Mugisho

© Copyright 2018 Mugisho N Theophile. All rights reserved.