Moonlight Ave

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This short mini story is action pack twisted exciting. In this story a young boy moving in a neighborhood were severely tragedies has happened, so he and his friends goes to investigate a house that was said to be haunted by the Jacobs family, a family that were brutally massacre little did they know the secrets that they will find is more frightening than they could've ever imagine.

Submitted: April 21, 2017

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Submitted: April 21, 2017




MoonLight Ave


There are many stories told in Marksville, Maryland on the wide street called Moonlight Ave. Stories told such as teenage girls drowned all at the same time, teenage boys all slaughtered in their homes, little kids gone missing and unexplained disappearances. But most of all there is a story that stands out from the rest. A little house that sats right in the middle of all the other houses on moonlight ave. The paint on the house is white but pale, with stoned steps and gated windows, with two concrete gators one on each side of the steps. The Jacob’s family house the mother Sarah Jacob, father Jonathan Jacob, daughter and son Carrie and Danny Jacobs. 5-6 years ago on the night of christmas eve the M.P.D ( Marksville Police Department) was called by a local neighbor of the jacobs family, saying that there was screaming coming from their home. When the police arrived at the house they were all shocked to find out that the whole jacob's family were decapitated. And still to this day the M.P.D don't know who or what killed the jacob’s family. The police department called it the jacob’s family massacre. The police officers that was on duty that night quit, the police force and was never heard from again. Even some said that the ghosts of the jacobs family still roams through the house, and sometimes you can hear a chainsaw echoing through the house. But my mother never believe it, and when she found the house she always wanted and for a fair price she took it. And it just so happens that our house was a couple of houses down from the jacob’s family home. I remember the first time i saw the house with the gated windows which was weird, and the statue of the alligators was pretty cool but knowing the history behind moonlight ave the Jacob’s family massacre made it all too scary to even look at. But overall the house that we move was big and everyone had their own room, i had my own room, my little sister Tia had her own room, and my mother tiffany. And later on that day i saw my friends Jaheim and raykell coming down my street, i guess the word was out that i moved in a new house on the mysterious and thrilling Moonlight ave, and my friend raykell said “ hey tyler i heard you moved in a new house on moonlight ave and a few houses down from the jacob’s house”. “ yea didn't you hear about all creepy and weird things that have happened here” Jaheim replies. I told them “ i know but my my mother doesn't believe that”. Raykell and Jaheim says that their parents don't believe them either. “ so me and Raykell and couple of our other friends Roger and Cameron are bringing flashlights and lockpicks” Jaheim says. And i said why. “We’re going to find out if the ghosts of the jacob’s family is really true or not, everyone is suppose to meet up at the jacob’s house at 10:00 tonight wanna come” Jaheim replies. I slowly hesitated but i didn't want to look like a punk in front of them so i decided to say yes. So later on that night i had snuck out the house and started walking toward the jacob’s house hoping someone was there before me because i don't want to be there by myself, but as i arrived to the jacob’s house everyone was there i guess they were waiting for me. “ you're late i started to think that you wouldn't show, now that you're here we can get started” Jaheim says. So the boy cameron starts to lockpicking the door and suddenly the door creaked open, and a gust of chilling wind blew out, and the wind was so strong it felt like something had slapped me warning me to go back. “Uhh ladies first” Jaheim says. “Uhh you lost your damn mind if you think am going in there first, you guys are the males yall go first” Raykell replies. “How about we all go in together” cameron says. Yeah that sounds better i said in a scared voice. We all ease in and as we all enter the house the door slams immediately behind us. “ ok lets get the hell out of here and let's come back in the morning” Raykell says. “ you know raykell is right let's leave before we can’t get back out” roger replies. “ if you want to leave like some punk ass bitches then go right ahead, i'm staying here to find the truth about this place” Jaheim replies. Then Jaheim walks slowly towards a door that looks like it leads to the basement. Jaheim puts his hands on the spiderwebbed doorknob and begin to turn as jaheim turned the doorknob there was a loud cutting edge sound like a chainsaw, and heavy footsteps coming from the basement and getting closer as if it was moving towards us. And the sounds got closer and closer raykell and i head towards the door and rushed out and everyone followed behind and split in their own directions. I snuck back in the house and creeped back in my bedroom trying not to wake my mother or little sister, not like i got enough sleep anyway. The next morning during breakfast i started to tell my mother what we did last night but i decided not to, i know she wouldn't believe me if i told her that someone or something still lives in the Jacob’s house, and i would be in trouble for sneaking out last night. Jaheim and Raykell  came over my house that morning and we talked about what happened last night, and how we all think that someone or something still lives in the jacob’s house. We decided to go investigate the house again tonight and everyone agreed. Later on that night everyone met up at the house and went in. jaheim, roger, walked towards the door and open it, and me and the rest followed. The basement was full of spiders and their webs, the basement was dark and gloomy and very cold. We all took our time walking down the basement steps and the basement steps were very fragile and very creaky. In the basement there's a door that stands in the center of the basement, and the loud cutting edge sound came back again and this time it's louder and scarier than before, and even the footsteps we heard before sounds creepier. We all rushed to the basement steps to get out of there, than jaheim was behind us and as he runs up the steps one of the steps broke in half and jaheim foot had gotten stuck in it, and we hear jaheim scream “ help me help me please”. And the sounds kept getting louder as if who was making those sounds was right there with us. Suddenly the front door swung open and a flash of bright white light sparked our eyes, there was a voice that called out in the distance. “ hey what the hell are you kids doing in here”. Raykell yells out “ please help our friend he's stuck in the basement”. “ ok get out of here and wait for me outside” the guy replied. We all waited outside until they came out, then the guy came out with our friend jaheim and i said thank your mr. “ Dean officer Dean but what i really want to know is what the hell you kids were doing in there, don't you know you guys are trespassing you can really get in serious trouble, i should just take you guys home”The officer insisted. No we all yelled out, “we live around here” roger says. “ yea and the only reason we were in there was because we heard something which sounds like a chainsaw” jaheim replied. “ a chainsaw, yea ok kids yall go on home and promised me that yall stay away from here, i’ll go check it out ok” officer dean says. We all agreed and went home. The next morning i woke up from loud noises which sounds like ambulances and police sirens, and they all seems to be going towards the old jacob’s place, so i rushed to put some on my clothes to see what was going on, and as i arrive to the jacob’s house i heard the local people talking about a cop that was brutally cut in half, his torso was found on the basement steps and his other half is nowhere to be found. And it turns out that the body was officer Dean Williams, later on that day i told my friends and we all agree that whoever killed officer Dean might be the same person who is responsible for all the crazy things that's been going on, and also might be the killer behind the Jacob’s family murder. Cameron said that he will bring his older cousin Malcolm and his 9mm handgun, to help us figure out who or what killed the officer today. Hours passed and everyone met up at the jacob’s place with cameron cousin then we all went in the house, cameron and malcolm went upstairs and i followed and the rest stayed downstairs to investigate the rest of the house. When cameron, malcolm, and i went upstairs there were spiderwebs and old rusted pictures of the Jacob’s family years ago, suddenly a gust of wind pushed open all the bedroom doors and our flashlights went out, and we couldn't see anything. Seconds later the flashlights came back on and malcolm had disappeared. Cameron and i went back downstairs and the front door was open and and everyone was outside. “ have anyone seen malcolm” cameron says. “ i thought he was with you guys” roger replies. Then there was a scream that sounds like it was coming from the top floor of the house, and they was the cutting edge sound again but it was different like it cutting through something. “ Malcolm, malcolm something happening to him i got to go back and help him” cameron shouts out. “ am coming with you too cam” roger replies. And as they try to rush back in the house but the front door slams and locked, so cameron and roger tries to break down the front door and the rest of us try to see if we could find another way in. Then the noises came to an dead silence, then we all stared at the top floor window and the window creaked open and it appear to be a big black trash bag falling from the window. The trash falls on the lawn, “ what the hell is that” raykell says scardly. “ i don't know cameron don't touch it” jaheim replies. Cameron walks closer to the black bag that fell out of the window and then he slowly opens the bag, and to his surprised there was his cousins malcolm body in the trash bag disembowed, his hands and legs are completely severed from his body. Everyone screams and run for help down to the police station which only a few miles down the road. We finally arrived at the police station and cameron tells the woman at the fronts desk that there has been a murder on moonlight ave, her eyes got big and face were pale as if she just saw a ghost. Then jaheim speaks and says “ let me speak to my brother he works here”. “ who's your brother young man” the lady replies. “ officer Raheim Martin” Jaheim answered. Rahiem comes out and told us that we have to go in the sheriff's office and tell him everything, so we went in the sheriff's office and he told us to sit down and tell him everything that happened, so we told him everything about what we tried to do, the noises the body, etc. the sheriff told us to stay in his office for a moment, then i over heard the sheriff and raheim talking about the jacob’s other boys and their secrets. The sheriff asked one of us to show him the body, jaheim volunteer to show them the body. The sheriff told us to stay here at the station and then they left. “ hey i heard them say something about the jacob’s other boys and their secrets, but i thought that sarah and jonathan only had one son danny jacob” i said. “ well it's time for us to find out” roger says. There were a drawer behind the sheriff desk that says secret files on it, roger pulls the handle and open it up. “ roger what the hell are you doing are you trying to get us put in jail” raykell tells him. “ don't you want to know the truth about what's going on and who killed cameron cousin” roger replies. “ of course i do but” raykell gets interrupted. “Got it the Jacob’s family  secret files, it was organized alphabetically by last names, oh this is all the Jacob’s family personal, and medical records in this file. Then roger face turned from white to pale, “ what's wrong roger what is it you look like you've seen a ghost” i asked. “ i wish i did” roger replied. “ what's wrong” raykell asked. “ sarah and jonathan did not have just two kids they had four, two older boys twins to be exact steven and stanley jacob, who was deformed and from this file they kept the boys in the basement of their home. “Oh my god” raykell gasp. “ that's not it” roger continues “ one summer a local neighbor called the police station stating that their are two monsters chasing to little babies in the jacob’s backyard with a machete and chainsaw. The police came to investigate the problem and the the jacob’s told the police that the boys belong to them and that it would never happen again, and when the family was slaughtered the deformed twins were never found” roger explained. “Why didn't the police say anything” i said. “Maybe they didn't want to alarm the neighbors, or they were just too scared themselves” roger replied. “Well we have to go warn them” i said. “How” raykell says. “Well roger and i are going back to warn the others, but the lady in the front won't let us leave” i said. “And somebody need to be here with cameron raykell” roger says. “ fine i’ll stay here” she replies. “ great ok now we need you to distract the woman in the front desk”  i said. “No hell no am not doing that” she refuses. “Do you want jaheim and the rest of them to die” roger explains. “No” she replies. “Ok now come on” roger asks. So raykell goes to distract the woman in the front while roger and i go back to help jaheim, his, and the sheriff. ( 45 minutes then past the sheriff returns to the station for us). The sheriff ask raykell “ lets go kids am taking all of you home safe and sound, hey where is the other boys that were with you” the sheriff asked. “uhh they went to the bathroom” she replies. “Uh no they didn't i didn't see no come pass me” she said. The sheriff asked raykell again “ little girl where are your”. Raykell starts to cry “ok they snuck out to go warn you all about the jacob’s twins”. “ oh my god” The lady over the counter shocked in fear. “Son of a bitch call them back right now” the sheriff yells. “I don't have my phone sir” raykell says. “Got damn it”. the sheriff yells again, “karen get officer anderson and officer johnson and tell them to me at the jacob’s” the sheriff demanded. “Now you little girl stay here and don't move i'm going to save your friends ok” the sheriff replies. Then the sheriff rushes over to jacob’s house. (meanwhile tyler and roger arrived at the jacob’s house). We saw a cop car parked outside so we knew that they were still there, as we approach the door it was kicked in and as we go in the basement door was wide open. And as we go down the steps the basement lights are blinking on and off. And we can barely see, than we hear this noise coming from the doorway in the back of the basement. I can feel the hair on the back of my neck stand up, so roger and i walked slowly towards the door as the sound got louder as we step forward. We made our way to the door and roger whispers “jaheim, jaheim, are you in their”. The noise got extremely louder roger and i pulled the door without hesitation, to our surprise there he was tied up between to old, rusty dirty beds. There pictures nailed in the brick walls that were so old that they look like there were going to crumble apart. Jaheim had nasty scars across his body and a dirty bandana in his mouth crying in fear, and as he looks up at us his eyes were lifeless like something just ripped his soul out his body. Then there was this heavy breathing behind us and as we look back there was this masculine man that was as tall as the ceiling with a machete and wearing a jumper with the word steven on it. Roger and i was so shocked in fear that we could not move, steven swung his left arm and knocked roger towards the brick walls, and then he griped his hand around my neck then lift me severely feet off the ground and then through me out the door and i fell in this wet and very cold spot. And as the light in the basement blinked on and off the glyme of light that shine in the corner when the light came back on revealed the body of rahiem jaheim’s older brother with his intestines ripped out of his body. I got up and headed towards the basement steps and as i go upstairs to go get help there was another masculine guy with the word stanley written across his chest and he toss me in the kitchen and i fell against the stove and as i look up he had a chainsaw and he starts to pull the string and the sound of the chainsaw made me feel like my heart fell in my stomach. And as he starts to come closer towards me i hear this echo of voices yelling “ FREEZE this is officer anderson, and officer johnson of the M.P.D put down the chainsaw sir” the officers recommended. Then there was sounds of heavy footsteps coming from the basement it was the other twin rushing towards the officers several shots were fired. Steven and stanley hit the ground, “ you ok kid” one of the officers said to me, “yeah i'm ok” i replied. “ is there any more kids with you” officer johnson said. “Yes my friends jaheim and roger, “ get them and let's go” officer anderson told me. So i went back down stairs and jaheim was getting help from roger, and we made our way out the house. And as the officers were about the leave i saw the twins getting up from the ground and then i yelled, “ watch out”. Officer anderson and johnson looked back and steven through the machete and it went through officer anderson face and split his face open, and officer johnson fired several shots trying to defend himself. Then the sheriff arrives and i told him that officer johnson is still in their fighting the twins, he told us to stay here and wait in the car he will handle it. So the sheriff rushes in the house to go help officer anderson, there were several more shots fired, a loud scream as if someone been hurt the sound of the chainsaw and more gun fire. Then i thought i have to do something or we will all die so i told my friends “ look i be back i have to help them” “ are you out of your damn mine jaheim they will kill you”. “Somebody needs to help stop these bastards before anyone else get hurt i'll be back”. “No tyler don't do it” roder yells in agony. So i walked up towards officer anderson's dead corps and grabbed his gun and went in there was blood everywhere and as i head towards the living area the sheriff pops out bleeding all over and he demand me to leave “ kid get the hell out of here now”. Then i felt this pressure behind me it was stanley who lift me up and toss towards the kitchen and stepped on my chest and in his right hand there was his machete which he held up in front of my face. He lifts the machete up inches away from my face then brings it down as if he was gonna impale me with it, then their was a sudden pause in his movement then i realize that the sheriff had stabbed him in his back, which had no damage on him then behind the sheriff was steven who pin the sheriff towards the wall then officer johnson appeared with his gun and tried to shoot with the one arm he had left it seems that his other arm was cut off. But stanley grabbed him and toss him out the kitchen window. Right beside me was anderson's gun i hurried and grabbed it and then i smelled gas, i remembered earlier when i was thrown in the kitchen back stanley i fell on the stove maybe i have turned the gas on so i did the unthinkable, i yelled out to the twins. “Hey you ugly sons of bitches come and get me”. Then the boys came rushes towards me i pointed the gun at the stove and closed my eyes ( BANG) i fired a gun shot. There was this enormous pressure of heat blazing towards me, i blacked out and the last thing i heard was an explosion. And suddenly i hear a voice fading in and out, but what it sounds to me like someone is calling my name. As i'm gaining cautiousness the voice starts to get clearer, “tyler, tyler baby please wake up, tyler honey wake baby”. As i open my eyes i see my mother over me with tears in her eyes hugging and gripping me tightly. “Oh thank god you're ok i thought i lost you”. I look around and i see dark smoke clouds surrounding the air, as well as debris and the burning remains of the jacob’s house. The sheriff came to me bruise and beaten to congratulate me for saving his life and the life of the others, but most of all taken down the jacob twins. There were several ambulances for us and cop cars surrounding the perimeter, to take us to get medical attention. A week past and i have gotten a hero's badge and award for what i've done, not only that i have the sheriff’s personal number and if i need anything i can just call because the M.P.D has my back is what he told me. And my mother, little sister and i are moving back to our old neighborhood. Oh and as for everyone else well, jaheim and officer johnson made a full recovery all though officer johnson had to adjust to his new artificial arm. And for cameron and jaheim we had a public funeral for everyone who was killed in the incident malcolm, rahiem, and officer anderson, they as well got their name engraved in the hero's stoned wall with all the other heroes that died protecting the people. And raykell she's showing support to everyone. Well i guess we solved the mystery and the case behind the jacob’s family massacre. Now all the other mysterious events that happened here is still unknown, but i know one thing i'm so glad that we are getting the hell out of Moonlight Ave.





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