'I Have Trouble Walking'

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NOT Ace Frehley (Kiss)

Submitted: April 21, 2017

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Submitted: April 21, 2017




Ace Frehley (Kiss)--I'm Trouble Walking'

I am trouble walkin'

I am every mother's nightmare
I am trouble walkin'

Out on the street there's a lesson learned
You play with and you'll get burned
On the newsstand there's another book
Out on the street what count is the way you look

[Chorus: x2]
There ain't no doubt I got what you need
You'll be beggin' baby please, please, please
With every switch sharper than a blade
I got you in my sights you can't escape

No matter where you run
No matter where you hide
Out here there's a rule you'll find
Only the strong survive


NOT Ace Frehley--


I have trouble walking
after a night of drinking
I have trouble walking


from the bar stool to my car,
funny, don't remember it being quite so far
doing the human pendulum sway
trying to walk straight, just ain't my day


[Chorus: x2]
There ain't no doubt I've had way too much
as I stagger by you, I'm that drunk such and such
With ever stagger swear I'm going down,
to be the loaded clown upon the ground


No matter how hard I try

stagger around and I know exactly why
The barkeep's dialing 911
I would if I could break into a run.




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