who is he..??

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
it's a story about the crime that happened in particular area . off course the reader will enjoy thriller and bounces between the mystery and supsense in the story.

Submitted: April 22, 2017

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Submitted: April 21, 2017



It was early morning the street was quite with no one a women passing by screamed and ran to the police station nearby shivering and sweating. The police man asked her what was it and she reported that there was a dead body near the apartment where she lives. The police man went there with investigation team and they couldn't find any evidence the murder continued it was increasing from 1to 2and then 3 the public were very alarmed and scared to walk in that silent street. Police were cautious and they secured the area so that the people will be safe. As the police and the investigation team couldn't find any fishy, they asked an investigating specialist from London. He went to apartment were first murder happened there he couldn't find anything .And he went to the place were the second murder was happen even there he couldn't find anything .He losses his confidence . He thought that he will not get any evidence even in that third place even though he went but this time be got an evidence. A gold chain with blood on it. In that chain there was the symbol of the shop were the chain was bought. The London investigator went to that shop to get the details about the chain who bought.The shop keeper asked him for sometime to check the details about the chain buyer. The murderer was put in jail for an accident case. But no police know that he is that murderer. The investigator went to that address given by the shop keeper but the address is a fake one.so the investigator went to the nearby police station to alert the police, the murderer was arrested in that police station.There the investigator saw the murderer without knowing that he is that murderer. After few days an advocate came to take the murderer in bail for that accident case. The murderer was ready to go home.At the time when he steps out the investigator arrived there and arrested that murderer for the murder he had done. Few hours before :-investigator got a call from that gold chain shop keeper. Shop keeper says that he has some evidence about that murderer. So the investigator went to that shop . The shop keeper showed him a CCTV footage in which the murderer face was captured. After watching that footage the investigator had a confusion that ,he already seen him . The investigator's assistant said him that they saw that person in nearby police station . After few hours:- With this evidence he arrested the murderer. To be continued......

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