The Dark Woods

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Sarah is a normal girl who lives in Minnesota. Her dad died when she was 5 in a car accident, which caused her fear of the woods. On a trip to Florida she gets lost in the same woods her dad died in, and she uncovers a shocking secret.

Submitted: April 21, 2017

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Submitted: April 21, 2017



Sarah was on her way to the hotel. She had been so excited for this trip for about a year now, and it was finally happening. She started out at her hometown in Minnesota and planned to travel all the way down to Florida for a vacation. Sarah enjoyed long car rides, she could look at the scenery and the many cities she would travel through. The only time she wasn’t looking forward too, was the woods in the middle of Kentucky. Sarah absolutely hated the woods, she would often say the were too dark for her. That, however, was not the real reason. 20 years ago, when she was only 5 years old, Sarah’s dad went on a work trip. He had to travel through many states and many woods. When he entered the Kentucky woods, his car had crashed into one of the trees. Later, someone found the car and called the police. When they investigated, they couldn’t find his body. Sarah found out about this a month later, and thought something had eaten, like a bear. The police said that was probably what happened, and passed it off as an incident. Since then Sarah has never gone into the woods ever.


Sarah was just entering Kentucky. She was planning on taking the long way around the woods, but when she got there, she found that the road was closed! The only other way was to go through the woods. She was terrified of this and thought about just turning back and skipping the trip. Then sh thought for a moment. If I go home now I will miss the vacation I have been waiting for forever! I really don’t want to go through those woods. She looked back at the woods and thought again. I need this vacation, I mean, what happened to my dad was accident. I should go. Sarah got back in her car, and drove into the woods.

It wasn’t as scary as she thought, but when she looked at the time, she realized it was almost nightfall! I don’t want to be here at night! So she went a little a faster. After a while of driving she came to fork in the road in the road, but when she looked at her phone for directions, she realized it was dead! “This is just great!” She said to herself. “Now I am lost!” She didn’t know where to go. Sarah finally settled on going left. She was feeling pretty good about her decision, and wanted to get to the hotel faster. She pressed down on the pedal and raced off. Later when it got dark she got a little bit scared. How am I going to be able to get out of the woods? I haven’t seen another road in hours, ugh maybe I should ha- “AHHH!!!!!”


Sarah screamed as a deer walked out into the road. Sarah swerved around it and barely missed a tree. Her car ended up landing in the ditch, but when she tried to start it, the car stopped working!


“Oh no.” Sarah whispered to herself. She looked at the dashboard and realized the car was out of gas! “HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET THERE NOW?!” Sarah shouted. She got out of the car and looked around. She didn’t see anything and was about to get back in the car, when she saw a light out of the corner of her eye. Then she felt the ground start to rumble. “Yes, a car or truck is coming, I’m Saved! But when Sarah looked at the light at the light again, she realized that the light was not on the road, but heading toward her! But that’s impossible, ho- Her thoughts were interrupted by a loud horn. Then she looked down, and realized her car had landed right on top of some railroad tracks!


Sarah was terrified! She quickly jumped into the woods and hid behind some nearby trees. When the train came she turned away. She heard the crunching of metal and the shattering of glass. She quickly ran into the woods and away from the train. She hadn’t stopped running for about 20 minutes. When she stopped she realized that she had no idea where she was. Just great. Now I am lost in the middle of the woods. She tried to retrace her steps, but found it hard since she couldn’t hear the noise of the train. It must have stopped by now. She turned around again and noticed a huge dark shape in the distance. Maybe that's the train! She thought suddenly, and ran off in the direction of it.

When she got to the shape she realized it wasn’t a train but an old house! Huh, this place looks like it hasn’t been used in years. Sarah walked around the building until she found a door. She went and turned the handle and found it was unlocked. Well, what was I thinking, how could it be locked. She walked in and instantly regretted it, but when she turned around to leave, she saw a man with a shovel, ready to knock her out! She put her hands up in defence. “Please don’t!” Nut then she heard the shovel drop to the ground, and she looked back. She heard the man speak in a dark voice. “You couldn’t be, not after all these years. Sarah, is that you?” Sarah looked up. “H-How do you know my name?” “You probably don’t remember me Sarah, but… It’s me, your dad.”


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