nuclear fallout

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last person on earth or at least that's what he thinks.

Submitted: April 21, 2017

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Submitted: April 21, 2017



The Fallou

It's been my 40th day my mom and dad went to scavenge for food six days ago my dog is here with me we have enough food for the both of us for 2 days so soon we will need to leave if we leave we will never come back.


Day 43 we had to leave the bunker to scavenge for food we came out and the air is full of chemicals which hurt my lungs. Theres skeletons all over the place.Me and ben my dog started walking we then there was a giant shake and the what was left of the buildings started to crumble things have been different here in little Granbury Texas ever the nuclear war struck.My Iphone Has 50% battery life left so i started to listen to music and eye of the tiger came on and I thought this was going to be me I really hope i'm not the last survivor.


Day 50 Good news I found out that the pet store was not crumpled up yet so i went and got a small bag of food for ben then the structure started to crumble i got out just in time but I still need food and water Because I gave the rest of my water to ben.


Day 54 good thing my Iphone still has 20% battery life left turned up my radio and i heard a call from the military telling people to stay where they were so they could find them apparently there's only 10 people left and they were at mulberry hill in the next town over so that's where i'm headed.


Day 59 I had to put down ben he was bit by a rattlesnake and he was really bad I don’t have anyone to talk to I found a house still up there was a back pack which will be very helpful because i found a lot of food and water there. Also a shot gun with 5 boxes of ammo. Now I have something to protect myself with.

Day 64 I got to mulberry hill there was a fire going and 5 people sitting near the fire with a lot of food and water so I walked up and i couldn’t be sneaky enough one of the people turned around and pointed a handgun at my head and he saw it was a kid so he lowered his gun and so did I. they allowed me to stay there and hang out with them they told me that tomorrow we were leaving the camp and heading to somewhere new. John told me I was lucky to get there on time I miss ben I wish that he could be here. I wish mom and dad could be there they would be so proud of me.

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