Friends Forever On

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What tag's go along better then "friendship" and "alcohol." #Not giving away any spoilers.

Submitted: April 21, 2017

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Submitted: April 21, 2017



The world isn’t even seeable. I can smell the alcohol that’s spilt on my clothes and I can feel my makeup running down my face as my sorrows make me feel more and more dead. My knuckles are snow white as I grip on the chilling bars of this cell. The feeling makes my spine want to jump out of my back. I use to love looking out the window every bright day for hop but now all I see is the darkness that awaits for me out of this cell.

 I turn around to get a better glimpse of my new home. It makes my bare feet and arms feel cold while my head is on fire.  My head burns from all the alcohol I had. It burns like my head was dipped in a volcano while my body was in the arctic water.  I even have a mirror to see my running makeup. I wanted to be a clown when I was little but never wanted this. I start to sob more but I fall to ground because the world is spinning and there is no reason to keep my balance anymore. I just wanted to be loved I just wanted to have a place to call home but no I’m a terrorist in my own city.

 “Aquila Lawson, huh what a nice name for someone like you,” grumbled the police office who was at my cell looking down to view me. I didn’t dare turn I knew what he was going to tell me.

 “You have been arrested for going to a party for underage drinking without an adult permission and it has also been said you could’ve been interfering with the drug dealer who was said to be selling.” Me doing drugs? Me doing those such things?

 “Yeah, I-I th-think you have t-the wrong idea,” I sobbed.

 “No I do not I have your driver's license and you are said to be 17,” he argued.

 “I have n-no f-friends.”

 “I don’t care to know, all that I need to know your parents phone numbers so I can contact them.”

 “T-They h-have no pho-phones.”

 “Then what’s your address?”

 “We do- don- do,” then I bursted into tears with tears with this mad idea I don’t have a home like the other kids but it’s true and it’s always has been for 3 months. This massacre made me look back at what I did today, all was fine until they talked me into coming. Them, the monsters I thought were my friends.

 I look into the car mirror to check this disguise I wore on my face. It was makeup. I never thought it would happen but it did happen 3 months ago. 3 months ago I lost a lot and gained a lot of things I would soon regret.

 Seven hours earlier, “We're here dearie,” Mother announces as car stops and golts me forward.

 “Thanks for driving me,” I said without glancing her in the eyes. I know she’s staring at me waiting for an apology but today I wasn’t going to give it to her.  Not after the mistakes she’s done to are family.

 “What street do I meet you on today?”

 “Gordon drive, it’s down to the l-”

 “I know where it is, you don’t need to repeat where it is - I know where it is,” I blurt out. I give her stern look in the face to show my anger towards her for being so clueless.

 “Dearie, you need to know father loves you and he’s there for you even if you feel he should help us.”

 “Dad never loved me and he never well,” after I gave her the final blow I slam the door and walk away. She still thinks I’m still Quia, well she needs to grow out of. It’s no Clara and Quia anymore. I watch as she drives away like my father did 3 months ago.

 I knock on the door but no one answers but I can hear all the pop music coming from inside. I decide to just open the door. In side I see all my new friends from school.

 “Hey, you finally decided to wear my makeup suggestions now you don’t look like a total suck up nerd,” said Giea. After that Geia comes up and gives me the weakest high five known to man. Her expression shows how uninterested she was to see me. She even has so much black makeup you can barely tell when she seems happy or mad.

 “Tiki is by the bar,” Geia announces. By the word “bar” I’m in freak out mode. My mother would never permit me to drink but who cares what she thinks? My dad wouldn’t either but he never seemed to care for me in the first place.

 “Want’s wrong? Never had a drink? Don’t be a chicken, people are playing beer pong in the garage if you want to check it out.”

 “Okay…..” I whisper in fear. Geia doesn’t care she just walks off. She probably didn’t hear me with this music on anyway.

 After an hour or so I’m the wallflower on the side of the party. I’m having an awful time. The place smells like puke, everyone looks like they're in the band KISS when they aren’t even listening to metal, and the carpet has so many stains that the floor will eternally smell like beer. Mother would want me to leave but is that really the right decision, don’t I want some friends other then Clarisse. She would never want me back as a friend.

 Suddenly I’m grabbed and taken to the bar in the garage where beer ping pong is going on. I see it’s the insane Tiki. Her bright orange hair is what grasps my attention as she gives me a wicked look. She then turns around and yells, “You need to try this.” She then picks up a drink and shoves it down my mouth. It burns like fire so I end up spitting it out.

 “Try it AGAIN, you’ll get use to IT,” I can tell she’s drunk but if I chicken out I’ll be considered weird. So I take I sip and feel it’s power that would soon make me lose my dignity. It taste’s like a burning fire when it comes in contact with my throat again. I start feel the warmth as it spreads all over me. I felt like I was laying on the clouds as the sunset beats down on me.

 “That taste…………… is  incredible,” I blurt out.

 “I know it…. it would lik-like you.” After that sentence Tiki then proceeds to walk out of the garage like the drunk she is. I look back down at the container I got my drink from and on the front it says “RUSK’YS FIREWHISKEY.” I can tell it was cheap because the front looked like someone just grabbed a sharpie and drew on it.

 I didn’t know what I should do. Should I be like my KISS friends or should I go to Gordon Drive? I stood there clueless, waiting till the end of time. All my life I sticked to the “good” route and look where it lead me. It gave me all these troubles because I’m a mess. I need to change. I made my choice - it was the clearest one in my whole life. After I made my choice everything was a blur. It was the fastest time in my whole life.

 I played beer ping pong and continued drinking more and more of that whiskey  that was probably out of date. More, more, and more was my new motto as I felt the enjoyment filter in. I felt like a superhero in other words like the flash. I felt unstoppable. I made friends and soon after a while everyone was shouting my name as I chugged a gallon of beer. I could barely stand. I had to have someone holding me up as someone dumped it down my throat. I felt appreciated, felt loved, and didn’t feel alone. It was the first time in my life I was in charge. The world was on my shoulders.

 As I chugged the drink more and more, the sirens started to screech in the dark night. First everyone one was a happy drunk until the cops came. It turned into art gallery as if everyone was the frozen art. Then it became the olympics as everyone sprinted out for their lives. I was left to fall on the floor. The beer that was held to my mouth was now spilt on my clothes.

 I had to claw my way up the chair so I can could stand. I slowly made my way across the room as if I had a sugar rush that ended. When I make my way out to the backyard to see Geia helping by pulling people over the fence while Tiki is trying to help as well. When I start to make my way up the fence Geia put her hand out for me but then hears the cops as they stomp into the house. She knew I wouldn’t keep up, knew I was useless as well, and knew that I would give them time to run. At that moment she pushed my hand off the fence. It was like the scene in Lion King when Scar pushed his brother off the cliff.

 I smash my back on the ground and get the wind knocked out of me. It feels like a balloon that was filled with air that was just let go. My last desperate look is at Geia who is running in the woods like the rest of her friends. I hear the sirens. Now as time was moving slower than before. It became so slow that I gasped in air every 12 seconds. The stompings come closer. So close to my head that I feel like there's an earthquake happening.

 After I blacked out, I thought of every point in my life. Being a child felt like along time ago. It felt like I was seed that flew in the wind and got planted. I grew into a big tree but someone tried to cut me down. They didn’t finish - they left me to live in pain. Those people are my father, my mother, and Clarisse. They left me to die feeling alone forever.

 “Come down,” the officer blurts out while I sob. He even snaps to get my full attention. The look in his face is the face Geia gave me when she pushed me of that fence.

 “How about this I’m going to ask some questions and I want the truth. If you lie you will be in bigger trouble for lying to an officer. What’s your guardian’s name?”



 “A-B-Y-G -,” The door of the police station slams open revealing a sight I thought I would never see again.

“CLARISSE,” I shout.

“AQUILA,” Clarisse shouts as she tries to hug me through the bars. After finally taking a good look at me she burst into tears. The makeup forms a rainbow as it comes down her eyes.

“I should've never left you for Annabelle, Andy, and Wanda.”

“Yo-you don’t need to-too be sorry, I ma-made the same mistake tonight as well.”

“No it’s not alright! I STARTED it ALL - it’s all……..,” Clarisse sobs even louder. I now know she was always my friend since kindergarden. I came into the classroom with no friends. She grabbed my hand when I was just standing at the door. She said she’d be my friend - my friend. She liked me for me.

“I should’ve of never spread those rumors of you living in a car. I thought I fit in. I was wrong………,” Clarisse sighs. “I just wanted to be popular……… to become popular I had to let out some secrets to join their group. That’s why everyone called you Quitla because they all fought you wouldn’t make it through your troubles. Everyone thought you were suicidal because of how insecure you where”

“Ho-how did y-you find me?”

“Social media blew up as Tiki took out her phone and started livestreaming, what an idiot…………… I can’t believe I left you to go become friends with the popular kids.”

“Um, ladies,” the officer interrupted.

“Clarisse do you realize you had no right to come in her and talk to her without permission.”

“I do have the right to come in,” Clarisse then pulls out a few papers.

“I have payed the fee for Aquila to be taken out, I did it so I could repay her for the pain I brought upon her,” Clarisse then sniffles afterward because she was crying a waterfall.

“Alright,” The officer says. The officer then grabs some key’s off his desk and hands them to Clarisse. Clarisse fumbles with the keys and then turns around to unlock the cell door. Once the cell door is opened up me and her hug like theres no tomorrow. The warmth of her hug is the only warmth I want. I never want the the alcohol's warm feeling again. I never want to let go of her again. She will always be my friend forever on.

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