The Lockout Before Christmas

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A few years ago, there was threats of an NHL lockout so I decided to write this poem. I hope you enjoy.

Submitted: April 21, 2017

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Submitted: April 21, 2017



Twas the Lockout before Christmas

And all through the Country,

Not a single NHL player was stirring

Because they didn’t get their money


The Jets Pennants and Canadiens Jerseys

Were hung on the wall with care,

Because fans knew that on the ice

Their favorites wouldn’t be there.


Mama on the recliner

And Papa going insane,

Because he has to watch

Chick flicks with Ron McClaine.


All the Kokanee and Bud

And Popcorn and Chips,

All the Pizza and Pop

And various Dips.


They fermented in fridges

And went rather sour.

Because there was no point.

Nothing else good at this late hour.


All the good players

Flew to the east.

At least they would get paid

Because poverty’s a real beast.


Meanwhile at home

Negotiations kept hitting dead ends

Because of a certain Grinch

The one called Gary Bettman.


He kept turning deaf ears

To what others had to say,

Because you know Bettman

It’s his way or the highway.


Things went from bad to worse

No one was merry,

Because of a grim prediction

By the one and only Don Cherry.



It came true on Friday

With an announcement from the NHL

As they cancelled the yearly Winter Classic

Causing fans to go, “What the hell!?”


From the URLs of the net

There arose such a clatter,

I had to turn on my PC

To see what was the matter.


The NHLPA kept giving new offers

In hopes Bettman would succumb.

But he listened to his wallet instead

How can anyone be this dumb?


The year was now waning

There was no reason

To truly believe

There would be hockey this season.


Even Kraft Hockeyville

A once proud tradition

Was cancelled this year

Time to sign the petition.


But all’s not lost

Dear hockey lovers

Next year they have to play

Even if the deal’s a real bummer.


But despite these misgivings

I let out a mighty yell,

Merry Christmas to all

But Bettman, burn in hell!!!

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