A Magician's Statement

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as a magician myself, i am inspired to write this piece.

Submitted: April 23, 2017

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Submitted: April 21, 2017



The audience always astonished

Wishing that they could perform such feats

Of conjuring, vanishing, breaking

Every law of reality that bounds

The world in its mundane

And solid and unimaginative state.

They believed what they saw

Therefore they believed

What we can do.


Who has never dreamed

As a child, when flipping through

The comic books or on the flatscreen

Watching fantasies and superpowers.


They say that magic tricks are

Supposed to be watched with

An attitude that never seeks

Uncovering the mist.

Being lost in the streets

Is sometimes better than

Following a compass and an atlas

The former allows us to watch

To listen, to feel the city

To uncover deviating beauty.


Then we are asked

Isn’t life miraculous for us

That we can perform the impossible.


They believe we can

But we know we can’t.

We know the truth behind the miracles

And thus we know

Miracles are nonexistent in reality

We are slammed against

The mundane world

We can no longer carry

This hopeful belief.

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