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Just a short story I wrote for my English class, hope you enjoy :)

Submitted: April 21, 2017

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Submitted: April 21, 2017



“Where am I?” I said allowed.  The only thing I remembered last was walking down a dark road when all the sudden a loud high pitch scream came out of nowhere and everything went dark. I blinked a few times and once my eyes unblurred I realized I was in a white room without windows. “what the-“, I thought. 

Just then two people walked in and were dressed in pure white. “Hello” they said in unison. “My name is Matt”, said the one in the right. “And I’m Gabe” finished the other.  “Where are we?” I quickly asked. They looked at each other and laughed. “Why, you’re in heaven!”, they exclaimed.

“Excuse me?”

“Come follow us”

I had no choice so I got up and followed them. The one named Gabe put his hand on a spot in the wall and a door appeared which we walked through. More white and still no windows. “But how is it so bright?”  “To many questions lad”, said Gabe, who I guess was in charge.

They led me down a series of endless and windy white hallways until we got to a large metal door.  “Go in “ ,said Matt. If only I had known what was about to happen…  As I entered I saw an operating table with an assortment of tool next to it. “What are those for?”, I asked.  Matt looked at me and smiled a big, toothy grin, “You are gonna get a nice set of these”, and to my surprise he had wings on his back I had not noticed because they blended in with all the white surrounding us. 

“NO, NO, I’m good!”

“Not yet you’re not”, They yelled. And to that they strapped me down to the table gave me a sedative.

“I…Have…To…Get…Out…Of…”, and then I feel asleep.

When I awoke I was back home. “Whew, what a dream!”  I said but my sides hurt. I got up, walked over to my desk, got my mirror and picked it up. To my surprise, my clothes had been removed and replaced with a baggy white robe. Then I held the mirror so that it showed my back and right there on both sides were giant fluffy wings.

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